“DOTA 2” Competitor’s Costume Sets Released

“DOTA 2” has some of the coolest looking fantasy characters in the gaming universe and today fans get three new armour sets to equip for battle!




Forge of Iron Will (Fear’s Sven Set)

“An iron mask for an iron will.”

25% of all sales of the Forge of Iron Will Set will be distributed to Fear and the contributors. Created by Jeremy Klein, Ziedrich.

Arguably among the most formidable Dota 2 players to ever come out of the Western Hemisphere, Clinton “Fear” Loomis, has never had an easy path in front of him. Ever the underdog, he’s used a balance of raw skill and hard-earned experience to overcome the isolation that US players often face when they compete at the highest level. Born 1988, his work ethic and dedication have taken him from Medford, Oregon to Europe, to China, and finally to the Dota 2 International, the tournament with the largest prize pool in the history of video games.




Crown of Hells (hyhy’s Doom Set)

“Upon my crown, I’ll gore thee.”

25% of all sales of the Crown of Hells Set will be distributed to hyhy and the contributors. Created by Vermillion Wlad .

If you’ve followed the development of Singaporean Dota, then Benedict “hyhy” Lim is a name that is familiar to you. Born in Singapore on 1990, hyhy’s rise to prominence began when he and teammates represented Singapore in the 2007 Asian Cyber Games. The following year, he was victorious in the Electronic Sports World Cup. Since then his body of work has become a pillar in the Dota 2 community. Never one to shy away from controversy, hyhy speaks his mind, and has made a name for himself as one of professional gaming’s most driven and versatile players.




Murder of Crows (Dendi’s Pudge Set)

“Shoulda’ kept your beak outta this”

25% of all sales of the Murder of Crows Set will be distributed to Dendi and the contributors. Created by Danidem, Bronto ϟ Thunder.

Born in L’viv, Ukraine, Dendi began playing video games at a young age after his older brother received a PC from their grandmother. As he had with his other early interests in life, music and dancing, Dendi picked up games very quickly and was soon excelling far beyond his age bracket. The prodigious dexterity earned through long hours of piano study was soon put to use in local gaming tournaments where he earned a reputation as a dominant and creative competitor. Though he was successful at other games, he knew he found his calling when he stumbled upon Dota.





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