Today Ends Oculus VR As We’ve Known Them

Is it the end of our VR hopes and dreams or the beginning of a beautiful relationship? Facebook are buying Oculus VR for $2 billion!



In the end, I kept coming back to a question we always ask ourselves every day at Oculus: what’s best for the future of virtual reality? Partnering with Mark and the Facebook team is a unique and powerful opportunity. The partnership accelerates our vision, allows us to execute on some of our most creative ideas and take risks that were otherwise impossible. Most importantly, it means a better Oculus Rift with fewer compromises even faster than we anticipated.

My first reaction to this announcement was one of shock followed soon after by sadness. I’ve been following the progress of Oculus VR since the beginning and had massive high hopes for the product. I genuinely thought that the Oculus Rift was going to be the beginning of true virtual reality, the virtual reality that we’d been promised all those years ago back in the early nineties.

Things were looking great, Valve had gotten on board with the project and it looked like we were pretty close to a release date, possibly even by next holiday season. But alas it seems our dreams have been thwarted as far as the Oculus Rift goes. Facebook might do some interesting things with VR, 360 degree selfies, tin foil hat posts literally everywhere you look or even a mind blowing VR Farmville that actually feels like you’re on a real cartoon farm.

Imagine sharing not just moments with your friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.

But getting serious, I really hope Valve have a backup plan for their own hardware or that they’ll switch focus to work with Sony on their VR headset. We’ve been waiting a very long time for the promise of a true virtual reality experience and I for one hope it hasn’t been derailed by Facebook. Virtual reality Facebook just doesn’t inspire the imagination the same way virtual reality Skyrim does…



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