“Earthlock: Festival of Magic” Reaches Funding Goal

After what looked to be a close finish, “Earthlock: Festival of Magic” reached its funding goal with forty five hours to spare!


For the past month I have been anxiously following the progress of Snowcastle Games, “Earthlock: Festival of Magic”, the turn based combat title on Kickstarter. Today I am very happy to announce that they have reached their initial funding goal of $150,000 with forty five hours to spare. I know some of you are thinking that this will be another false promise for Linux but I really don’t think it will be.  Having already played around with the demo (which runs great on Linux), I really feel that “Earthlock: Festival of Magic” will not only be available on Linux but also has the potential of becoming another all time classic, just like Final Fantasy 7. It just has that feel to it. The team over at Snowcastle Games have really put a huge amount of work into making this title an incredible experience and we are not even at beta stage yet.

For now, I wish Snowcastle Games the best of luck with development because I can’t wait to start playing the beta!



  • Rich, non-linear story
  • Turn-based combat (No Active Time Battle)
  • Combat pairs (Allows more variations to your battle team)
  • Grow your own ammunition (Organic crafting)
  • Build and improve your home base
  • Environmental Puzzles
  • Gorgeous Overworld with a retro feel
  • No random encounters (Monsters visible at all times)
  • Play as Male or Female protagonist (You can switch at any time)

The battle system goes back to the roots of the genre with its no-nonsense turn based combat, but there are several refreshing twists to the formula. One is the pairing system. Instead of separate characters, your party is made up of pairs where each pair is composed of a warrior and a protector.

The warrior uses consumables such as ammunition and items, while the protector can perform spells like healing and shields. Instead of standard magic points, spells cost Support Points, which build up when the pair receives damage.

Choosing your warrior and protector combinations is key to finding the right tactics. Special pair actions and character stats change according to the pairings and will greatly affect the way you play in combat. As players get hold of more consumable types, the ability to chain elemental effects will encourage the player to have a good variety of ammo at their disposal.

Crafting & Harvesting

One of the unique aspects of Earthlock™ is Plumpet Island, which functions as your very own home village. Here you can perform key activities like harvesting consumables and managing your character progression. Players will be able to check in on their harvest using portals found scattered across the world of Umbra.

While your village starts off pretty minimalistic you will get new shops and items throughout the game which adds new mechanics like potion brewing, barnacle care and weapon upgrades.

Combat, harvesting and character progression is tightly linked in Earthlock™. When you are on the island tending to your village, what comes out of the earth and from your barnacles is literally the magical ammunition and consumables you need in combat.


Plumpet Island is a peculiar volcanic island located in Nevad. It has a unique soil full of magical energy. With the right gardening skills it is possible to grow plants with magical attributes. Plumpet Island functions as the player’s home base throughout the game.



You start by playing as Amon, but a bit further into the game Ive will join your team. After that you can choose Ive as main character if you like.

Linux Demo

You can download the early demo for yourself!



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