Download: ‘KeeperRL v1.0’ goes Indiegogo

KeeperRL is an opensource dungeon simulator game inspired by Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress. You become an evil wizard seeking the ultimate knowledge of destruction. You can control your minions, and explore and conquer the world in a roguelike fashion. Combat is turn-based and very tactical. The whole world is procedurally generated.

It’s a dungeon simulation, somewhat like a simplified Dwarf Fortress. You can control your creatures and this turns the game into a pure roguelike mode.

KeeperRL is already playable. This is an alpha version, so it has an unfinished feel and a few bugs.

Main features already implemented:

  • Digging and building a dungeon with 11 room types.
  • 15 types of creatures available as minions.
  • 4 races of enemies that dwell in villages or underground. Lure them to your dungeon or slaughter inside their homes.
  • Full combat mechanics.
  • Many items including armor, weapons, scrolls, potions, etc.
  • Adventure mode.
Download Keeper RL - Linux

You can support “KeeperRL” on crowd-funding website; indiegogo the project current goal is set at $5000



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