“Overflowing Compendium” For Dota 2 Goes Live

Dota 2 Compendium owners got a whole host of goodies with the release of the “Overflowing Compendium” patch!


Those of you whose Compendiums have reached Level 4, you’ve probably already seen the blue-feathered, Lieutenant Squawkins. Now Compendium owners who reach Level 24 will also gain access to a green-feathered Row Boat style. To add  to this, when your Compendium reaches Level 41, you’ll be able to use the red-feathered Sail Boat version of the courier.






The update is full of treats for those of you who own or are going to purchase a Compendium, you will receive your very own Pudgling, a cute yet still-revolting Mini-Pudge Courier. Need more smelliness from your Pudgling? If your Compendium reaches Level 50 you’ll also get his extra smelly style. With the upgraded version you will also receive a classy golden hook for your Pudgling.






When words cannot convey the true depth and breadth of your emotional response to the game of Dota. For those precious moments when you just don’t know how to express that raw emotion you feel while getting your head chewed off by Pudge or you notice Lycan running off with your innards, well then, you need the Dota-themed chat emoticons! And you need them to animate! The new emoticons work in-game and also in the dashboard chat rooms. Owning the Compendium gives you access to all 25 emoticons forever.






Weather effects have been sorely lacking in Dota 2 and they can add great atmosphere to a game, with this update Dota 2 now has its own weather effects. Weather Effects are items you can equip to change the environment in your game. If you have a Compendium, then you’ll immediately get all three of the in-game Weather Effects: Snow, Moonlight, and Rain.






And last but certainly not least, the new Live Rewind feature is available today to all Dota 2 players. This allows you to pause and rewind the game while you are watching a live game. Whether you missed a team battle, or you want to replay a rival teams last moment, you’ll now be able to jump back in time to watch it all again and again.

These updates might seem trivial to some but they should add a whole lot of atmosphere to the game and will definitely help keep Dota 2 fresh along with the newly updated character animations.



  • Compendium Reward Released: Mini-Pudge Courier and Level 50 Alternate Style
  • Compendium Reward Released: Chat Emoticons
  • Compendium Reward Released: Weather Effects (equip-able in the Global loadout)
  • Compendium Reward Released: Alternate Styles for Lt. Squawkins


  • Added Live Rewind feature for spectators
  • Gold border added to top bar if a teammate can buyback when dead
  • Placing your cursor over an Ultimate diamond in the top bar will show you it’s cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug where the buyback toast would get stuck on.





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