‘NeonXSZ’ arrives on August 22nd (steam)

In NeonXSZ (pronounced Neon Excesses) you are injected into cyberspace to stake your place in a war of virus versus machine. During your journey you will fly dozens of spaceships with hundreds of upgrades allowing you to create totally unique spacecraft with which to wage war.

The developer send out a press-release announcing the arrival date of the game on steam platform. The game is expected 22nd of August.

Download NeonXSZ Linux Demo

Untill the game is released, you may enjoy the ‘NeonXSZ Linux Demo‘ provided by Desura.

NeonXSZ – Steam ReleaseTrailer

NeonXSZ Features

  • NeonXSZ recaptures the speed and responsiveness of old-school shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament.
  • The player gets to loot and fly dozens of ships and over 850+ upgrades.
  • Openworld gameplay filled with approximately one thousand AI dudes free to travel anywhere, from four warring factions.
  • Enemies drop parts of their hulls, weapons, and installed upgrades – not random loot.
  • If you see it, you can loot it and use it.
  • The game is never the same twice.

NeonXSZ – Weapons

NeonXSZ – Gadgets



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