Feral Interactive Asks, I Believe.

What’s your poison?

Today Feral Interactive hopped on the Twitters to ask Linux gamers a profound question that one answer will not be the same as the last. Some responses have been similar in nature but everyone had different to add. Now if you have living in the middle of nowhere with no knowledge of the gaming industry, Feral Interactive is the company that normally ports major titles to Mac OSX but as of recently have dug into Linux publishing. They are the same company that brought Linux gamers XCOM: Enemy Unknown (review to follow). Here is the Tweet from Feral Interactive asking Linux Gamers the big question.

Now as users who play games on Linux or use it for day to day use we will have the typical responses.

    • “Freedom!”
    • “MERICA!”
    • “Choices”

and the always classic

  • “It’s Free”

I too switched because of reasons like those in the beginning and I have found it has become more than that. Now this is where my ADD kicks in, so bare in mind this is all opinion and how I see the future for gaming on Linux as a whole.

What you talkin about Willis?

It’s funny how you look back at 2011 all we had was Desura for major gaming needs. Then the whispers and rumours of Valve making its move to Linux started to circle. But before Valve made their move Humble Indie Bundle came nowhere out of left field and was porting games to Linux and showing the PC industry that there is a market on Linux and the people are willing to pay a good price for games.

Valve, Linux Foundation and SteamOS. Oh my.

Everyone can agree that Valve’s push on Linux is still being heard all over the net and talked about by everyone in the Industry. You know why? because it makes sense for everyone. It’s not just Linux gamers who will only benefit from the industry coming over but the industry itself. The openness of Linux will allow developers to properly get away from DirectX and Direct3D, which works on 2 platforms Xbox and Windows. The market is already very community driven and gamers have no problem reporting detailed issues to make sure that their favourite game runs as smooth sandpaper, silk yeah that is what I meant *cough*. It is not always sunshine a rainbows there is always work to be done but really, who dosn’t like a challenge? That is again how we grow as people. SteamOS the infamous Linux distribution that has also got the industry talking and us yelling, is what you will see console gamers using in a few years and maybe a lot of PC gamers in the Living room like I. SteamOS is going to push small form factor PC’s to the living room and at a lower cost than a lot had expected, Why?

  • Windows will not being preloaded will allow ease on consumer wallets
  • Upgradability of parts
  • Backwards compatible game libraries


Valve joining the Linux Foundation it has shown that you can be commercial in a open space. It’s even better for everyone to open source applications and games as that is how people learn and grow. Sure the “revolution” won’t happen overnight but look at how far Linux gaming has come in 3 years, huge. The negative is that there are still developers and publishers that are either only used to Windows and DirectX and know nothing about Linux and or OpenGL or they just don’t care and port stuff just so they can say “Hey were cross-platform too.” and just hit the Publish Linux button without even optimizing on Linux drivers. But there are still some that embrace Tux and see a future in the industry else and want to see how the market will fare before they start throwing money at full blown Linux development, But after talking to a lot of developers to get a understanding of what their stance is for a future of porting games to Linux, the future does look bright indeed.

Under the hood.

This is just a few engines that already support or are already working on supporting Linux and OpenGL development on Linux. But really it all comes down to better optimization from developers and driver support from hardware vendors. But the Linux Kernel itself has a great community that is passionate about the advancement of developing and usability of Linux for everyone. Developers can have tools for free to optimize drivers and engines in a open space where competition is encouraged through community and not back door deals. This is what science is founded on.

What is your point?

My point to all of this is that Linux gaming has gone beyond just porting games for Linux gamers to enjoy, The entire gaming industry is changing and OpenGL and Linux will spearhead this change. As a consumer “Steam Machines” is a title for the future of living room gaming and streaming and web surfing needs. Gamers will have a custom console they can call their own, I call mine “Betty”. Being able to upgrade that console without losing your game library or achievements. But still being on a platform that desktop users can still have that desktop in the office but as well game on or sync mobile devices. Developers won’t have to worry about cost of being able to bring their title to the platform because developing licences of that platform and finally have control over their workloads and expansion. Look at products like the “SteamBoy” that is suppose to allow you to have that handheld SteamOS experience allowing you to play steam games on the go, VR goggles, 4K tv’s, driving wheels, controllers, and other wireless All the PC gaming goodies in your living room. Features like Music players and NetFlix (That’s right I’m calling it and really no denying it, we all know it’s happening). Standardization of hardware will come down to the vendors like System76, ZaReason, IBuyPower and many more. So when I saw Feral Interactives post on Twitter asking why “Do you game on Linux?”. I game on Linux because I believe there is a great future for everyone in the industry beside myself. So bring on XCOM’s, Borderlands, Project Cars, Edge Of Eternity, Star Citizen and anything else the Industry want to bring to Linux, That is my reason. Game On.



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One Comment on "Feral Interactive Asks, I Believe."

  1. JayG September 6, 2014 at 02:20 -

    I game in linux because I do everything else in linux… I made the switch back in 2007 when I bought a new laptop preloaded with that abomination of an OS named Windows Vista. Being open minded, I tested various distros until I chose Linux Mint. Right away I noticed the speed difference! It was night and day change. Plus, my system stays fast. Unlike that other OS where you will have to reinstall every couple of years… I have never looked back since.

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