Got Minecraft Blues? Here’s An Alternative

Microsoft has bought Mojang and Minecraft but is this the end for Linux Gamers?


Although it is very sad for Linux gamers that another independent title has been eaten up by a giant corporate entity with a terrible record for cross-platform where it counts. There is also hope and morning light to burn those creepers off the roof (there’s a creeper on the roof la la…). GNU/Linux as a community has proven itself to be very resilient over the years and although we’ve seen setbacks and disappointments, our ability to bounce back and move forward is incredible. That’s the strength of an open global community. So is Minecraft finished on Linux? We won’t know that for some time however for those of us that will no longer play it, we have an alternative. Actually multiple alternatives but I am going to concentrate on one for now. “Minetest” is a C++ open source, free alternative to Minecraft that has been around and in active development for several years now and contrary to popular belief, it is really coming along nicely. In fact, with a couple of key mods it could be very, very good. From personal experience it renders faster and has better visuals than Minecraft and the recent 0.4.10 release brought us an in game mod store that is a great feature.

MinetestModStore2 MinetestModStore1

What’s missing you ask? If you’re a sword wielding maniac that likes to hack and slash your way through blocks of gooey nasties or you like to string a bow faster than Robin Hood, then Minetest isn’t quite there yet. Although it does have survival mode and you can certainly take damage, it does not have mobs yet. You can get mods that will add basic mobs, economy and so on but they are not ready for prime time yet. If like me though you are the type of player that likes to just build and create the world around you, then Minetest has everything you need for a very enjoyable experience.

If we have learned anything from the success of Minecraft it is the power of a community. The incredible versatility and range of mods for Minecraft wasn’t created by Mojang, it was created by the global community that follows and loves Minecraft. So am I feeling the blues about the Microsoft buyout? Not at all, because I know the power that the Linux gaming community has if we put our minds to it. Is Minetest an instant open successor to Minecraft? No, but it could become a great alternative very quickly if the community gets behind it. Help out where possible, whether it be with game development, promotion, servers or just helping others in the Minetest forums, IRC and community. It all counts and if we want a true open alternative that can’t be bought out, then this is the only way forward.



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Linux advocate, born in Liverpool, grew up in Cork City Ireland and currently living in Corvallis, Oregon. I love all things Linux, my favorite distro being Ubuntu followed closely by Kubuntu and Linux Mint (Cinnamon and KDE). As far as I'm concerned Linux is the future of gaming. Lets make the world as open and transparent as we can!

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  1. Ultimoore September 18, 2014 at 13:28 -

    Well MineCraft is very community based with mods and content if proper advertising was done for MineTest, I could see alot of disgruntled MineCraft migrating to MineTest. Even more so if they put it on Steam as “Free To Play”.

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