‘GOGonLinux’ 0.2.0 released

Gogonlinux is a project that tries to port most gog.com games to the Linux platform. A new beta of the client tool was is released.

gogonlinux-0.2.0 :

  • added download percentage with floating point support
  • added support for flexible API, windows installer

Morgawr: Great news everyone!

At last, after a few months of development, testing and sweating I’m glad to announce that the software has reached a point where it can be considered “beta” and not “alpha” anymore.

What does this mean? Well, the software is usable for everyone, there may still be bugs but all the features I originally planned to implement are there, it’s usable, the games work, it’s stable. Everyone can try it out now!

This beta version (0.2.0 if anyone wants to keep track of version numbers) also means a shift in priorities. I won’t be adding new features soon, I’ll give priority to porting games and making sure everything works well while ironing out bugs and trying to get a big library of games to work.

In this phase, I need help from the community the most. It’s not a private alpha testing software anymore, I’ll be working actively to make things smooth for everyone and at this stage reporting back with errors, suggestions and bugfixes is of the utmost importance.

So yeah, head to the downloads section and get your fresh copy of Gogonlinux beta version (0.2.0). Remember to participate in the community and let me know what you think of this software.

Thank you everybody.

I made a little install-script (only tested on ubuntu 12.04 !)  based on instructions found here

Read more about GOGonLinux logo at the tools section.


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