Edge of Eternity will hit Kickstarter again on Feb 15th 2015.

Midgar Studios has been very busy this past year. With games like Hover: Revolt of Gamers doing their backer alpha and getting that alpha ready for Steam Early Access release for everyone else including Linux gamers. It’s no suprise that they are coming back to Kickstarter to let hungry RPG lovers get their hands on Edge of Eternity.

They posted today on their EoE.com blog stating that February will be the month of Edge of Eternity on Kickstarter. Well I am saying that…. Just read the damn quote!

Starting February 15th, you will have the opportunity to support us on a new crowdfounding campaign based on a brand new vision for Edge of Eternity.
As you may know, in 2013 we started and cancelled a first kickstarter for EoE. You’ve been very many at this time to tell us that what you expected was not a mobile game but something much bigger. Challenge accepted!
More than one year of hard work later, we are very proud to introduce you to Edge of Eternity “next gen” for PC, MAC, Linux and PS4 and Xbox One (if you help us achieve that!).
Hands On Edge of Eternity
And we are not back empty-handed. By February 15th, as the Kickstarter begins, you will have access to a “Kickstarter Demo”. Rather than written promises, we thought this demo was the best way to show you what we intend with Edge of Eternity: bring you back the fun of classic JRPG with a 2015 touch of modernity.
It is of course work in progress and we will need as many honest feedbacks as possible. We will look forward to your comments.
So save the date (February 15th!) and help us achieve our dream on Kickstarter. Feel free to spread the word everywhere. You can tell your friends, call your cousins, share on Facebook, Twitter, even Google + ! Our destiny will be in your hands!
Thanks a lot for your support.
Jeremy, Ugo, Cedric and Julien from Midgar Studio.

What do you mean by “Coming back to Kickstarter”?

Well I’m glad you didn’t ask that question,cause you should have read the quote little fella. But I’ll tell you any ways. Billions of years ago in our futures past in the year 2013 a small Indie company called Midgar Studios made a Kickstarter campaign for a JRPG called Edge of Eternity. After seeing the video of the game play a lot of gamers gave them a big “Nope”, the motion of characters movement looked as “blocky” as the games environment they ran around in. But gamers saw that the story had great potential and gave very good advice on how to make the look game more appealing to future customers. Well the Edge of Eternity team cancelled the campaign and hit the drawing board and with a year to re-work a lot of the games looks and feel they are coming back as a force to be reckoned with.

Why all the fuss for a Unity JRPG?

Really? Who is this guy?… Great question. Well I guess you will have to wait until Feb 15th 2015 to try the Linux demo that will be available through the Kickstarter campaign. Here is a preview of what you can expect the game to look like.

Like really I have been harping about this game since…. forever! so all I have to say to Midgar Studios is.

I am calling it right now, If Midgar Studios keeps making games that gamers want at this level. Large studios better watch out cause, Daddy is routing for Midgar.
Game On.



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