Best Places for Free-to-Play Games

Gaming is getting expensive these days. A new system is going to cost you a bare minimum of $300 dollars and that’s before you even have a game to go with it, meaning you’ll need to spend $50 to $70 more and sign up for all the additional accounts required for online play. It’s a heck of an investment, especially for someone with a proclivity for old-school gaming. But fear not faithful nerds, there’s a bevy of great sites offering free-to-play games in a wide variety of genres, styles and platforms that are sure to put a smile on even the grumpiest of gamers faces.


GOG is that other great online gaming service that is not Steam. But it’s much more than a Steam alternative and actually offers a ton free games from indie developers to time-tested classics. GOG is also particularly cool because for the sheer diversity of platforms it supports. Have a Mac? No worries. Running a Ubuntu or Linux based system? No problem. You can get your sword and sorcery on with Linux versions of RPGs like “Ultima IV” or “Heroes of Might and Magic V,” or shooters like “Duke Nukem 3D.” You want some? Come get some.


Internet Archive of MS Dos Games

The kind folks behind the massive Internet Archive of MS-DOS-based games are truly doing the lord’s work. The non-profit has cobbled together downloadable and completely free versions of nearly every single game you’ve ever loved (provided you were born prior to 1988). There are literally thousands of titles that can make trying to browse through the list a little intimidating because of the sheer amount of games to be had but it’s worth it to dive right in. Everything from “Aladdin” to “Oregon Trail” is available in all their pixelated glory for your amusement. Be sure to set a whole day aside before you step into the arena, because you’re definitely going to be here a while.


Betfair Casino

The Betfair platform has so many free-to-play versions of your favorite games of chance it’s actually kind of ridiculous. They have all the traditional favorites like black jack and roulette but our money, or lack thereof, has got to be on the plethora of diverse and colorful slots that come in every theme under the sun. Our favorite is “Full Moon Fortune” because werewolves.

Your Browser

That’s right. The web browser you’re using right now (provided it’s up to date) is a veritable treasure trove of gaming goodness. Thanks to advances in the world wide web, you have the power to play many of your favorite games without having to download or install a single thing making gaming more easy and accessible than ever before. Enjoy classic strategy games like “Dune 2” or superb shooters like “Doom.” Kiss your productivity goodbye.

There are loads of other places out there to get your free gaming fix, but these are out top bets based on the amount of titles, quality of gameplay and diversity of genres. Don’t wait… well… wait until you get off of work, then immediately squander your free time at any of these awesome sites.


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    I love this game so much memories!

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