The most Bad-Ass Chicken you play

“Cyber Chicken was built with old-school gaming in mind. Growing up as a gamers, we embraced that while also adding plenty of modernized elements. We offer players lots of weapons, upgrades, melee moves and enemy encounters — and while the action is pretty relentless, we’ve integrated humor and some playful mechanics such as our unique debt system or coffee-fueled bullet time to keep players on their toes. We want to give them an experience that feels familiar but is ultimately fresh, exciting — and most importantly, fun to play.”


  • Terminate enemies with multi-weapon arsenal and skill set with more than 45 upgrades.
  • Double-jump, dash, ground-stomp and wall-jump your way through more than 13 levels in a semi-open world — upgrading to unlock new areas.
  • Use credit at Big Bucks vending machines — but avoid the wrath of “The Collector,” who might repossess upgrades to repay your debt!
  • Enjoy a fully voice acted cast and soundtrack featuring 40 original tracks composed by Noam Guterman.
  • Experience comic book-style, story-driven gameplay with lots of comedic moments to balance the mayhem.
  • Personalize your controls with custom key bindings with support for mouse and keyboard or gamepad.



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