The 6 best Linux gaming consoles you must try

Linux is well known for performance, security, and stability and now it is world famous for gaming. There are so many Windows games and hundreds of other games ported to Linux. There are so many Linux distros for gaming that it is difficult to pick the very best. Linux gaming distro has been tailored for avid gamers. Read on to learn about the most popular Linux gaming distros that have been specially developed for gaming and fully updated.

Play Linux

Play Linux to provide an easy playing environment, and there is no need for dual booting with Windows on the Ubuntu-based Linux for gaming. With NVIDIA and AMD drivers support, the Beta distribution seems to be stable, but one should always be wary of bugs. The cinnamon desktop environment is easy to use and comes pre-installed with Wine, PlayOnLinux, Winetricks and Play Linux Kosmos.


Debian-based Linux distribution comes with Valve’s Steam app and allows one to play all Steam games. Steam OS graphical environment is highly customized and gorgeous. Gamer lovers love the Keyboard and Joystick solution that is a perfect solution for gaming. They get the same level of excitement as in, with easier access and never ending thrill.

Fedora Game Spin

Fedora gaming spin is well known among gamers, and it comes with intrinsic games and tools to install more games. 4GB in size, this is the largest in size, and one can enjoy some of the most popular Linux games that preinstalled such as SuperTuxKart, Scorched 3D, Nethack, and Wesnoth. Steam and PlayOnLinux are available in the repository because of the size constraint. Xfce lightweight desktop environment makes the Fedora Game spin faster!

SparkyLinux GameOver

SparkyLinux GameOver is based on the stable branch of Debian and makes use of one of the lightest desktop environments. Well known for its simplicity and lightning, it is rich in classic games and gaming consoles. There are tons of classic games to enjoy in Sparky, and one can install Steam games to play DOS games with DOSBox.

Ubuntu GamePack

Ubuntu showing off steam. Got some potential!

Ubuntu GamePack is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution and is a hot favorite with gamers because of a vast number of Games. It comes with Steam, Lutris, PlayOnLinux and Wine. Ubuntu GamePack is a complete Linux distribution and allows the gamers to play Windows games on Linux. One can install any other software packages as they need.

GS Voyager

GS Voyager is based on Xubuntu and worth trying out.  There are useful applications on Xubuntu that perform day-to-day tasks. It comes pre-installed with eight games as well as Wine-Staging, Winetricks, Gnome and Steam.

The above Linux gaming distros are tailored for avid gamers and can be bundled with games to play and work as drivers for graphics cards and games controllers. Most modern Linux distros support every type of recent graphics card virtually and thus can be easily turned into a game station. Some distros continue to make special gaming editions for Linux.


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