The Best Free Linux Games Going Into 2020

Many may already be familiar with the free games available through Linux but some may have been forgotten. Heading into 2020 we already know that new games are in production and will be released before the year is out. With the heavy anticipation of awaiting these hot sellers, we have formulated a list of free Linux games which will easily see the end of 2020. And if you still find yourself twiddling your thumbs in heavy anticipation following the news of a new Linux release, you could try here and see if anything else catches your fancy. But until then have a look at which games have managed to land the best ranking spots for free Linux games entering next year.

Team Fortress 2

This is a hit, was and always will be a true gaming sensation. Being over 12 years old and clearly still being played by many, the multiplayer shooter game still offers much enjoy entertainment which is action packed and fully loaded with content updates. This game allows you to customize your character to your own personal preferences so there is always something left to do.

War Thunder

The game is based on World War II which has been filled with heavy machinery weaponry, combat vehicles and intense simulation scenes from the Cold War and World War II but with a rather diverse nature behind the game.

Star Conflict

Outer space has never been this active. Star Conflict is a multiplayer game where players aim to survive outer space and take on a number of enemies throughout game play.


Transformers meets robotics in a combat realm of good and bad, hot and cold, wrong and right. Like the movie Transformers, you get to feel like a kid again playing with Optimus Prime. You get to ride, walk or fly your own robotic hovercraft and build up your weapon collection that is somewhat out of this world. Being one of the more recent gaming releases from Linux, Robocraft has proven to be a popular hit amongst gamers and will most certainly travel into the year 2020.

Wild West Saga: Idle Tycoon

The animated game designed for Linux players has proven to be a gaming hit due to the intricate detailing that has gone into the game. With up to 75 trophies to collect, players are bound to stay entertained for hours. The theme is based in the Wild West where you are graced with the opportunity to become a billionaire through the development of several businesses owned and run by you. You boost your businesses, towns and collect rewards along the way.

Play any one of these games for a full Linux gamers experience but with the advantage of free gaming. There are a number more free games to choose from, some of which may be more up your alley. But if you enjoy action, fantasy and a whole lot of fun, then we definitely recommend one of the above mentioned Linux games created for your enjoyment.


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