Fortnite – Everything You Need To Know About the Maya Skin

Along with several other new features, including new themes, locations, weapons, vehicles and more, Epic Games’ Fortnite has brought new skins to the popular shooter. This includes skins of new members of the Agency, as well as an appearance from Marvel’s Deadpool. The most standout for some players however, is arguably Maya. For the first time anywhere in the Fortnite shop, you are able to get a Fortnite skin that is customizable to the extent in which Maya is. 

The customization options for the new skin are more akin to those found in RPG titles. Perhaps not as some, but certainly more than we have been used to so far. There are many different options that players can use, though you will need to unlock them via challenges. 

Customization Options

There are many ways in which players are able to add different customization options to make their Maya stand out. You will have the option to choose options such as different hairstyles, her tattoos, sleeves, boots, vest, helmet, face paint, scarf, and the colour of her clothes. 

To unlock these options, you are going to need to complete a series of challenges. Not all of these methods have been revealed, though we can outline what can be completed to unlock the features so far. 


The challenges for the Maya skin are exclusive to Battle Pass holders in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. These challenges are available to players once the Battle Pass has been purchased. Challenges will be unlocked as the weeks progress, and they can be completed whenever you please before the season has finished. 

So, by completing the following challenges you will unlock a piece of the Maya skin which will be awarded to you once you have finished it. The first challenge rewards you with her Hairstyles, which is rewarded once you have completed the AR Specialist challenge. This will require you to dish out 250 damage with Assault Rifles within a single match. 

Meanwhile, if you manage to place in the top 20 of a match, you will be awarded with Maya’s tattoos. As with the AR Specialist, there is also a Pistol Specialist challenge for her sleeves, which will require you to deal 150 damage with Pistols in a match. If you want to customize Maya’s boots, then you will need to make an Elim in a single match, from getting Bronze Battle Medals. Finally, if you want to alter her shirt colours, you will need to deal 250 damage with Shotguns with the Shotgun Specialist challenge. 

Choose Your Skin Options Wisely

As keen as you may be to jump into Fortnite Battle Royale with your new Maya skin, there is a fair warning that you should be made aware of. Once you have selected your particular choice of cosmetic, you will be prompted by a message to say that it cannot be reversed. So regardless of which option that you choose, you will not be able to change it afterwards. Epic Games may change this down the line, but for now it is worth keeping in mind to be careful what you choose. 

Naturally, this has caused a bit of an uproar within the Fortnite community. Many have taken to social media platforms such as Reddit to express their disapproval of the feature, which is understandable considering it is part of a pass that consumers are having to pay for. As mentioned earlier though, it seems like a feature that the developers may reverse in the future. The fact that there is so many different variables when it comes to the Maya skin, something that hasn’t been seen in Fortnite so far, shows that it is a step in the right direction where skins in the game are concerned. 

In conclusion, this is everything you need to know about the Maya skin so far. Chapter 2 Season 2 has brought about a wealth of new Fortnite items, new areas to explore, new features of the Fortnite shop, and much more. The Maya skin is arguably one of the standout features of the new season, so be sure to get those challenges completed before the season ends. 

Have you tried out the new Maya skin? Let us know in the comments section below!

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