Things to Miss about Path of Exile

When we finally return to the old normal

The epidemic won’t last forever. Even then, the current situation isn’t exactly sustainable in the long term. There will come a time when we’ll be back to being able to go outside. All the time we have right now to sink into hobbies and games will be gone soon. You won’t be able to invest time in farming or grinding for PoE currency or levels!

Here’s a quick look at some of the things you’ll surely miss in Path of Exile when the quarantine eventually ends.

Awesome Visuals

Many Active Skill Gems are visually spectacular. Coupled with a good synergistic build, it creates a visual symphony that fells all kinds of enemies. Even bosses aren’t exempt from that. Once we’re back to normal, you won’t have as much time to watch your exile battle as you try to collect PoE uniques.

Other than battles, various environments and locales do their job of setting the atmosphere. It truly depicts the beauty in dark, dreary circumstances. All in all, you’ll miss looking at all the gorgeous, mesmerizing visuals of the game.

The Upcoming Leagues

Despite new challenge leagues being varied in reception, there’s no doubt you’ll miss trying out the new mechanics or completing the challenge. There are also the various updates and upgrades you won’t be able to experience. Finally, you won’t get to play through story updates and events.

Even if you still try to play with the little free time your other responsibilities afford, it won’t be as deep as what you can enjoy right now, so make the most of your quarantine period and play, play, play!

Your Friends

Making friends is a crucial experience when playing any MMO. Through various trials and moments, you strengthen your bond with them. However, with less time you can spend playing, those bonds will eventually weaken. Of course, it can be mitigated by exchanging various other social media to keep in contact.

If you forget, though, you’ll take more effort in trying to find them. Then again, it’s up to you if you want to keep the relationship or not. At any rate, you still miss them a bit when you reduce the time playing the game.


Maybe the thing you’ll miss most of all is the time you can sink into playing Path of Exile. Otherwise, you can also miss the hustle and bustle of PoE trading and trying to get the orbs you need. These unusual circumstances won’t last forever. We’ll be back to regular commuting, actual face to face meetings, and the separation of work and home life.

While it’s still here, continue enjoying Path of Exile or whatever games you’re playing right now. You might never get a chance like this again. Go and clean up your backlog of games or books. An alternative would be watching those TV shows or movies you’ve wanted to watch, now that you have time. Whatever you do during these times of quarantine, we hope you enjoy it!

Stay at home, wash your hands, and stay safe!


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