Fortnite’s Marvel Knockout Super Series is Wrapping Up!

Get a chance for a share of $1M

We’re up on the last leg of the Marvel Knockout Super Series. From Daredevil to Venom, this series of LTMs in Fortnite is heating up. All skins offered to the highest-ranking players in the event will end up on the Fortnite Item Shop. If you didn’t make the cut, get them in the shop before they go away! You’ll never know when they’ll be available again.

At any rate, the true climax of the event is still coming up. On November 21, the $1M Super Cup offers the chance to win the biggest portion of a million dollars!

The Ultimate Test

With that kind of cash prize up for grabs, players will bring their best to the tournament. It’s the ultimate test of tactics, heroism, and adaptability to take first place in the rankings.

For this special cup, more powers will be added to the randomized pool. Be adaptable and flexible to increase your chances of getting the Victory Royale. You have to be ready since you can’t always get the powers you want. Without the chance to change them mid-game, you’re stuck with them until the end. Like in the other cups, you cannot use normal Fortnite weapons, just the powers you get at the beginning.

You also get reduced materials from eliminating someone. More than that, the rules reduced the amount you can carry of each material to 200. Careful management of resources can be key to your survival during the cup. Don’t just carelessly throw out walls, lest you run out of materials at a crucial moment.

Only the top ranking players earn the chance to move on to round two, a few hours after the first one. They are the ones who can share in the glory and a portion of one million dollars.

This is the Endgame

Fitting for the last cup in the series, it represents the end of the tournament series. You have three hours per round to gain the most points you can. First to qualify for the second round, and the second to win the cup. You get to join 10 games within those three hours, so don’t fret if you get eliminated early. Then again, you’ll waste these limited chances if you don’t at least strategize during the break.

It’s good to step back and see where you went wrong, so you don’t have to repeat that mistake next time. Climbing the ranks won’t be as easy as a snap.

Enjoy the Rest of the Collaboration Event!

The skins and items from the event won’t be sticking around in the Fortnite Item Shop for long. It’ll be a long time before they get cycled back, so don’t miss the opportunity. Add the Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Black Widow, and Venom skins to your Marvel skin collection.

While the whole event is a competitive tournament, be sure to have fun. No prize is worth feeling bad about yourself. If you’re having fun, whether you won or lost, you’d still be content. Enjoy Fortnite Battle Royal and this Limited Time Mode!


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