World of Warcraft: A Logical Approach to Keybinds

Bind those abilities the right way!

World of Warcraft offers players a plethora of choices. Be it character classes or ways to level up, you can be sure that options galore await you whenever you step into the wonderfully fascinating world of Azeroth. This smorgasbord of options extends right down to the abilities your chosen character has—and even down to how you choose to deploy those abilities by way of keybinds.

With every class having anywhere from 20 to 30 unique abilities that have to be bound, just the mere thought of assigning them can be a tad bit overwhelming. But don’t panic just yet, because we’ve got your back on this! With this WoW keybind guide, the task of organizing your keybinds will be much easier in the end, allowing you to focus on the more important stuff such as questing and gathering ever-precious WoW gold for your virtual coffers.

Don’t Get Swamped

First things first! We’ve already touched on the sheer number of abilities that need to be bound. When you factor in the fact that you’ve also got consumables, trinkets, and macros, you’ll get swamped even before you realize it! Don’t get down on yourself, though. This is a small price to pay, after all, to have total control of your character. It’s this aspect of MMO games that makes them endearing to gamers. Once you get a handle on things, you’ll feel like a powerful entity that no force on Azeroth can stop. Besides, beginners are introduced to spells one at a time, so the progression should be gradual enough.

Take Advantage of the Modifiers

There are only so many keys on the board that you can assign abilities to. Thankfully, you can use modifiers to multiply them even further. If you’ve already assigned a specific ability or spell to a number, you can just use modifying keys in conjunction with them for another. Keys such as ALT, CTRL, and SHIFT are there for a reason. Use them!

A word to the wise, though. As much as possible, try to keep your modifiers as simple as possible. Having too many abilities on a modifier combination may seem like a good idea at first, but it can get confusing rather quickly. You wouldn’t want to have so many of them that you end up confusing yourself in the heat of intense battles.

Use a Gaming Mouse

Now comes the “expensive” part. To truly optimize your gameplay experience, you’ll need to invest in a good gaming mouse. Sure, normal ones will do quite nicely, but if you really want to dish out spells in a flash, you’ll need to invest in this the way you invest in cheap WoW gold. There are two types of “mice” to choose from: the typical 5-6 button one and the MMO type with a 12 button side panel. Needless to say, you already know which one to choose considering World of Warcraft is an MMO. You’ll have 12 additional keybinds with this. Imagine having that type of power at your fingertips!

Assign Binds in the Order You Deploy Them

You need to use logic and common sense. By now, you should have a clear go-to succession of spells and abilities that you swiftly deploy at the onset of encounters. As such, you should assign your abilities accordingly—1, 2, 3, and so on.

Alternatively, you can assign them in order of cooldown. This way, you won’t have to keep track of which abilities you can use next while in the thick of the action. There are plenty of other systems you can use. Why not experiment? Do whatever works for you—even if it doesn’t work for others!

The inevitable action you’ll inevitably face in Azeroth calls for swift and decisive action. There’s no better way to do that than with efficient keybinds. Hopefully, we have given you some nifty tips to make things more efficient. Remember to keep slaying to gain XP, buy WoW gold to sustain your adventures, and keep optimizing your keybinds! Good luck in Azeroth!

Do you have any keybinding tips we may have missed? Drop a comment to let us know!


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