The Battle of the Consoles Ensues

Sony recently developing and releasing their Playstation 5 in late November of 2020, has catalysed an additional fight amongst the battle of the consoles, prompting other technology giants are all vying for the top spot for sales and profit.

After the Xbox X Series was released in early November of 2020, its success was once again overshadowed by the industry pioneer Sony, leading to increasing tension between both Microsoft and Sony as they fought for the title of 2021’s top console.

However, what led to this tension in the first place?

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Sony and Microsoft have retained the pole positions throughout the 21st century as the two top industry pioneers when it comes to developing innovative and semi-affordable consoles for their consumers. Yet Sony has always maintained some leverage over Microsoft in terms of success.

Two months prior to the worldwide release of the two giants new consoles, a study was conducted into the current video gaming market, which certainly revealed some staggering statistics. 

Following the release of the Playstation 4 seven years prior, they had taken the video gaming market by storm and dominated the most bought console category by taking an average of 50% of the entire market according to research presented by Find Betting Sites – which includes minor competitors such as Nintendo. With Microsoft lagging so far behind with the Xbox One’s unit sales, Sony managed to sell over double of what Microsoft were able to.

It quickly became clear that Sony were taking no prisoners when it came to marketing their consoles with a high level of precision in order to help propel sales to a since untouched record.

Is Microsoft Losing Traction?

Following Sony seeing such a steep incline in their profits across the past year, positioning them at an overall 20% increase over the previous year’s profits, whilst amidst a pandemic, it is clear that Sony have truly leveraged the consol aspect of their conglomerate to their financial advantage

However, Sony is certainly far from the only technological company to maximise their profitability from the pandemic. As the latter half of 2020 rolled around, Microsoft experienced a drastic surge in Xbox One sales, leading them to earn over $1.3 billion from their 2013 console selling out across the world. 

Exhibiting a 64% increase in gaming revenue on a yearly basis, it appears as if Microsoft are adapting their marketability and products to reach a vast demographic and have become beneficiaries of the extensive amounts of time in which consumers have had to stay indoors since the start of the pandemic. 

With Microsoft showing signs of clawing its way up to a comparable economic and user loved status, it appears that the tensions between the two competitors is far from over. 

How Long Will This Last?

It is undeterminable as to how long this competitive rivalry between the two technology giants will ensue, however, what is currently clear is that in the coming years competition will be at an all time high.

With both companies releasing respective products within a short time frame of one another, the race to sell out across the globe and reap in maximal profits as they battle to keep up with the demand of the consumers is more prevalent than ever.

Now is the time for Microsoft to advance their marketing and the availability of products on their Xbox consoles in order to supersede Sony’s pole position as top dog within the gaming industry.

The stakes are higher than ever.



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