Interview ‘War for the overworld’

War For The Overworld – fused the best components from the RTS and god game genres to create War for the Overworld; here you will find familiar elements from Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius. Your domain lies beneath the surface of this realm, and it is here that you will begin to build your sinful empire. The forces of good in this land will do everything in their power to stop you.

We had a chat with Josh Bishop about the upcoming release of ‘War For The Overworld’ ;


  Can you introduce yourself, and tell how you are involved with ‘War For The Overwold’ [WftO]?

Josh: I’m Josh Bishop, currently heading up the design of the game and managing all the PR – which means currently, all of my day goes to Kickstarter 🙂

  The Dungeon Keeper [DK] environment and theme is well present in WftO, how did DK have an influence on development?

Josh:  WFTO is, at its core, a Dungeon Keeper game. That is what we wanted to create from the outset, and out intention has always been to build on and improve the DK formula, rather than deviate from it as some other recent games have.

  According to your plans, the game will ship in August next year. How do support the game once it is released?

Josh:  We are going to continue developing content for as long as we are able. First, we will develop any of the Flex Goals that have been chosen by the community, then we will go on to develop whatever is in the highest demand at the time.

  Will there be chickens to sacrifice?

Josh:  There are going to be small cute animals of various types 😉

  What to expect of multiplayer? Do we have a ladder/ranking or maybe even tournaments?

Josh:  In the base game there will not be any built in ranking systems, ladders, etc, but this is one of the flex goals that players are able to vote on for us to add if it is important to them.


The crowdfunding on kickstarter, crossed the £60.000 mark. Therefor Subterranean Games revealed a new room to us in the playable showcase.

Empire base with some patrolling Juggernauts! Don’t approach the Juggernauts, the seem to be hostile 😉


Download demo


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