Performance improved ‘Counter-Strike:Source’

Valve is still tweaking ‘Counter-Strike: Source‘ the new patch notes mentions an improvement in performance on Linux.. “How much is the increase” I wonder. Will this release kill the difference in performance between Windows and Linux? Hope to find out soon in a new benchmark session. 

Benchmark results of previous release CS:S, difference in performance between windows and linux


Counter-Strike: Source Benchmark
Difference in performance between windows and linux of previous version




  • Disabled Java for the in-game web browser
  • Added a new ConVar sb_filter_incompatible_versions. This will default to true and hide servers on the Internet tab that are running incompatible versions.
  • Fixed a client crash related to the audio system
  • Fixed a client crash related to rendering models
  • Fixed a client crash related to audio in the web browser
  • Fixed servers crashing with the error message “Overflow error writing string table baseline”
  • Improved performance for the Linux version
  • Fixed a missing material when setting mat_viewportscale to anything other than 1
  • Fixed a missing material when changing the value of mat_color_projection
  • Fixed a material system client crash for the Linux version
  • Fixed windowed mode under certain window managers for the Linux version
  • Updated controller support for the Linux version


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2 Comments on "Performance improved ‘Counter-Strike:Source’"

  1. bob bob March 22, 2013 at 14:52 -

    There is a few detailes left out on this benchmark.
    -No resolution.
    -Only one test?
    -No screenshots although those can be faked.
    -No mention of the hardware used
    -No mention of drivers used.
    -No mention of desktop environment.

    This can be improtant, unity uses compiz wich cant be turned off. XFCE and LXDE will likely give you the best performance. TWM if you really want to give something all the resources you possibly can. I perfer KDE, you can switch the desktop effects on and off on the fly, new versions of KDE I don’t even see a fps difference with a real time fps counter when effects are on. (although I was running vsynk fps was under the synk rate at 45 fps)

  2. RootGamer March 22, 2013 at 15:43 -

    you might want to view the origional post; all requested information is written down;

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