Interview with ‘Verdun’ developers

We spoke with developer Matt about Verdun, a new unique online first-person-shooter inspired by a ferocious battle in WW1 , and  M2H & Blackmill ‘s experience with Linux game development. According to Matt “It is so easy to port your game to Linux nowadays that there is really no reason why you should not do it

Interview Matt

rootgamer_say  For those who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

Verdun is being developed by two game studios: M2H and BlackMill. We are two small game studios and are an effective team of 3 people creating Verdun.

rootgamer_say  How did you get started in game development?

Our interest in game development comes from our passion for games and computer science, by combining these passions the most logical step for us was game development. Starting with some smaller projects we learned our way in to the field of game development and once we gathered enough experience we were ready to create Verdun!

Manufacture d'armes de Saint-Étienne has delivered a new weapon! The Lebel Model 1886 rifle was one of most important infantry weapons of the era, because it was the first ever military rifle to fire small-bore, smokeless powder cartridge.

The Lebel Model 1886 rifle was one of most important infantry weapons of the era.

Linux development

rootgamer_say  Requires linux support much effort from a developer?

Since we are using the Unity game engine supporting Linux does not require much effort from us. It is simply making another build of the game using Linux format. The only problem with creating a game for Linux is that there are always some platform specific restrictions so it requires some testing from us on the Linux platforms.

rootgamer_say  As a follow up, where do you think Linux gaming is headed?

With the rise of the Unity engine which focuses on multi-platform development we foresee a bright future for Linux gaming. It is so easy to port your game to Linux nowadays that there is really no reason why you should not do it.

Verdun game

rootgamer_say  How do you keep the player interested in Verdun after release?

Once Verdun is released we will mainly improve the game based on the feedback we receive. We also are full of ideas for new content such as adding new factions, maps, weapons, squads and gamemodes. By constantly adding new content and improving the game based on feedback we are sure we will keep the players interested.

rootgamer_say  What distinct Verdun from other shooters available?

The most obvious distinction of Verdun is of course its unique First World War setting. But not only the setting makes Verdun interesting in comparison to other games, we also try to create an awesome co-op experience. The game is build around squads consisting out of 4 players. Central to the co-operative game play is the so called co-op xp which is earned whenever you play together with another player. The more co-op xp you have with the squad members, the more powerful the squad will be. With this co-op xp your squad will level which has effects your appearance, weapons and abilities. This is just an example of a unique feature of Verdun but there are many more features planned which will truly set this game apart

.rootgamer_say  What is your favorite game at the moment and what makes it special?

Actually we are so busy developing Verdun we barely play games anymore… All work, no play!

 Open Beta

Verdun contains levels that are based on historical locations around the Verdun area such as the Argonne forest, the western front and beyond. Try out yourself in the open beta. Make sure to post your feedback on the developers forum.



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