RAD-toolkit ‘Leadwerks 3’ aims for Linux support

The rapid application development (RAD) framework ‘Leadwerks 3‘ is used to build cross-platform games. However the RAD-tools are not available on Linux. Josh Klinkt would like to remove the platform limitation and provide Linux support for the RAD-tools through crowd funding on KickStarter.

Josh Klint (founder of Leadwerks Software)We want to put 3D game development on Linux, so you can build and play games without ever leaving the Linux operating system.


Leadwerks Software aims to raise $20,000 in 45 days to build ‘Leadwerks 3: Steam Edition‘ for Linux.

Josh Klint:  We’re really excited to be working with Steam and the Linux community. We think there’s a unique opportunity here. The timing is right. I think Linux is really ready for mainstream PC gaming, and we really just want to take Linux gaming to the next level


Leadwerks is a powerful and easy to use game engine.

  • C++ Programming Underneath our visual editor lies a powerful yet easy to use programming API that can be accessed in C++, Lua, and other languages.
  • Visual Scripting For scripting, the tool uses the Lua script language, just like in Crysis, World of Warcraft, and hundreds of other games. Leadwerks got a built-in script editor, so you don’t have to switch back and forth between Leadwerks and an external editor. The flowgraph editor is used to connect scripted objects and make gameplay happen. This lets map designers set up sequences of events and complex gameplay, with no programming required.
  • Constructive Solid Geometry The level editor is  based on constructive solid geometry. This lets everyone make game levels, without having to be an expert. Similar to Valve’s Hammer Editor.

Support LEADWERKS on kickstarter, please !!?!?!



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