GPL project ‘Plee the Bear’ asks support

Plee the Bear is a game platform where you play an angry bear whose son was kidnapped by god. This is a difficult challenge individual! Get started in this great adventure to find them and save your son. Because you want to save is it not? Or slap? Maybe two …

The game is released for Windows and Linux as a free software, available under the terms of the GNU GPL 2 and Contract CC by-sa 3. It is developed by a group of friends in their spare time. Unfortunately they do not have enough free time to continue to develop the game in these conditions. But you can fix it!


With three levels of history and four mini-games, Plee the Bear has received a very positive reception. The players enjoyed the fun, the graphics and music, the open source community has enjoyed the process and the quality of resources, exceptional for a free game, and the community of independent game was pleasantly surprised by the technical level and details .

After completed and released the latest version, we put on paper all the digital content of the game: in a Bible and a storyline . Everything we used to estimate the effort required to complete the game we now propose to complete the game by keeping the GNU GPL and CC by-sa contracts.

With these elements in hand, we invite you to contribute to the project as follows:

  • give in the next development tasks;
  • comment, criticize the approach to help us improve it;
  • spread this announcement around you.

The goal of this feature is to refresh the existing game content as follows:

  • Drop the old 800×600 resolution for 1280×720,
  • Replace the assets of the forest theme used in the existing level with a new set of assets using the new style,
  • Replace the carrots of the forest levels with the Grodtears as described in the game bible,
  • Replace the slopes with real curves for a smooth movement, as in Andy’s Super Great Park,
  • Complete the music of the forest theme to reach one minute and a half,
  • Remove the multiple exits of the forest to keep only one and make the level easier,
  • Remove the two-players specific parts of the levels,
  • Remove the two-players mode from the story mode, keep it in the mini-games,
  • Adjust the behavior of Plee to make him slower and having more natural movements,
  • Complete the animation of Plee walking.


Support 'Plee the bear' Download 'plee the bear'



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