Interview: Desura-founder about Linden-lab

Last week Linden-Lab announced the acquisition and partnership of game distribution platform Desura. The joint-venture generated many comments with doubt, disbelieve and incomprehension in the social-media. We spoke Desura-founder ‘Scott Reismanis‘ about the new partnership to explain recent developments and potential future of Desura.

Interview Scott about Desura’s future

rootgamer_say   To those who don’t know you, can you give us an introduction?

I’m Scott Reismanis, I’ve been involved with Desura since the beginning as the founder. My primary job is running the business, but I always am the web guy who created the Desura website.

rootgamer_say   Desura’s staff/team will expand according to your post, what new benefits and services are now possible?

Desura-Mods-TabAs a self-  funded start-up, we’ve always been limited by having multiple people on the team doing multiple jobs. With support from Linden Lab in-house team, we can get help from their employees allowing us to focus on building a better product. Time will tell what is possible, but we’ve got a lot of ambitious plans we just haven’t had the resources to tackle and we now do – so it’s quite exciting for us.

rootgamer_say   Linden-lab is known to support Linux, will they contribute to Desurium?

Expect us to work more closely with the open source people, assisting them where required, contributing our own improvements and incorporating their changes too. As I said above this is one area we haven’t quite had the resources to manage but now shall so everyone using the client now can expect good things, and those that previously did we will be encouraging to jump back online.

rootgamer_say   Can you tell more about the future plans “ our big plans fall into place

I cannot at this point, as we really have to discuss and prioritize internally first – but we want to show our developers and customers something soon, so we are working on it!

Desura-Play-Tab rootgamer_say   When can we expect to see the first Linden-Desura update/client?

We are aiming for as soon as possible to show our community we’ve got big things coming, but I cannot give a date just now as it will take us time to integrate and bring on new staff.

rootgamer_say   How will Linden-lab help you to compete between origin, steam, uplay etc.

At the moment we are largely dependent on developers reaching out to us about getting published – that’s what our small team had time to do. With Linden Lab help we will expand our team working with the game developers helping us target and bring more on board.

rootgamer_say   Any plans to support mobile platforms?

Desura-Community-TabAgain has to be discussed internally, but at the moment open systems (Linux/Mac/Windows) are our priority.

Download Desura

Desura is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers, putting the best games, mods and downloadable content from developers at gamers fingertips, ready to buy and play

Download Desura



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