10x Free ‘Private Infiltrator’ giveaway

Private Infiltrator‘ is a stealth ‘sneaky peaky‘ game with a distinct art style. The game concept is pretty simple; your objective is to avoid enemy contact and infiltrate into their base. The game’s varying comes from it’s level design, different abilities and fancy gadgets in your inventory, challenging obstacles and enemies…

screenshot_private_infiltratorThe game is filled with references, humor and solid story for the attentive player. Developer ‘Espionage Noir’ set a goal and take what they knew and you loved in older stealth games and expand upon them, while keeping a difficult, old-fashioned and satisfying experience for fans of the genre.

About studio

Espionage Noir is a small videogame developer/publisher, and consists of three people. Professor Snake is in charge of the projects and tackles almost everything, from the programming to the music. Chris S. Liaros has been the Deus Ex machina in the area of 3D modelling, providing invaluable help with his ability to produce high quality 3D models at incredibly fast speeds. Last but not least, Milky Coffee is behind the wonderful box-art and character portraits


  • Simple Arcade-like Core mechanics that are easy to pick up but difficult to master.
  • A Unique Neo-Noir art direction.
  • Arcade-like level of difficulty that puts pressure on the player at all times and surprises them by punishing carelessness with traps or tricky setups such as turret mazes and careful C4 management layouts.
  • A great number of security measures to bypass and sneak past, as well as equipment and special abilities that will enrich the stealth experience.
  • Multiple soundtracks to choose from including the option to import your own music.
  • Free, yet substantial content updates.
  • Points reward system enriched by a full-fledged dynamic economy system and an uncrating minigame for an extra gamble factor.
  • A unique competitive Hide and Seek multiplayer mode.
  • A huge number of unlockables including entirely new soundtracks, bonus maps and hats.


10x Free ‘Private Infiltrator’ giveaway

Thanks to a generous donation of project leader Professor Snake, you now have the opportunity win a free copy of the game. To participate in the ‘Private Infiltrator’ giveaway, show us your investigators-look and post a photo wearing a hat.

How to participate

  • Share this post somewhere – optional
  • Post a photo wearing your (investigation) hat
  • Leave your evidence behind in the comment section below


  • Game activation through Desura
  • Start date: 18 July 2013
  • Closing date: 31 July 2013
  • Please don’t participate if you already own the game!

The outcome is not open for discussion – results and submissions will remain confidential.

I will kick-off with an old pre-party photo 🙂 Good luck to ya all!





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One Comment on "10x Free ‘Private Infiltrator’ giveaway"

  1. miro July 22, 2013 at 18:19 -

    seeking from the waters ô.ô


    took me a couple of minutes to get my girlfriend’s hat into the water, she did not want it to become wet 😀

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