Interview: ‘Gameplay Football’ developer

Gameplay Football‘ is an arcade footy game for PC (like Fifa/Pro Evolution Soccer). The game is developed by Properly Decent, featuring a custom build football/soccer game-engine to match the developers needs.

Lead developer Bastiaan talks to us about; game features, development process, Linux support and possible source release. Find out more about ‘Gameplay Football‘ in this weeks interview.

rootgamer_say  Hi Bastiaan, please introduce yourself to us

Bastiaan:  I am Bastiaan Schuiling, a 32 year old developer/musician/graphician from Groningen, The Netherlands. I’m a bit of a hippie idealist. I’m a gay rights activist (I’m straight myself, I just dislike bigots, basically). I think of myself as a ‘good guy’ basically, though I can also be pretty difficult to deal with, since I’m stubborn as hell 😉

rootgamer_say  How did you get into game development?

Bastiaan:  I started programming when I was a kid, and always looked up to the games of those days (doom, stunts, indycar racing, etcetera..) in awe and I had a strong desire to one day make a game myself. However, I wasn’t too good at programming yet, so it never really got off the ground back then. I switched to mainly making (tracker-) music, to pick up game programming again 7 or 8 years ago. I decided to go ‘serious’ a few years later and started working on a multithreaded game engine called ‘Blunted’. I’m now using that engine to program a football (soccer) game, and I’m considering making some more games with it after that.

rootgamer_say   What inspires you to develop ‘Gameplay Football’?

Bastiaan:  My main inspiration for my current project, Gameplay Football, is Pro Evolution Soccer 6. I’ve played that to death, but in the end, it started to show its age, and I decided I should make a football game myself.

rootgamer_say   Linux is often ignored by developers – what made you decide to support Linux?

Bastiaan:  I’ve always been a big fan of Linux because of how transparent, stable, fast and free it is. I think Linux may well be the future of desktop computing. Another simple reason to support it is because Linux is a great platform to use for game development – the compiler (GNU C++) is very good, there are some great editors (I use Sublime Text 2 myself) and graphics driver support has improved vastly over recent years.

rootgamer_say   Does supporting Linux have an impact the development process?

Bastiaan:  Not really – I’ve been using Mingw32 (simplified explanation: ‘GNU C++ for Windows’) before I switched to Debian Linux as main development platform, and I’ve been using multiplatform libraries (boost, OpenGL, OpenAL, etc) all the while. This basically means that my code compiles on both Linux and Windows without any serious difficulties.

rootgamer_say   Most development is done by one man (respect) How can the community help and contribute to the project?

Bastiaan:  I’m a bit of an ‘einzelganger’, I really like to do everything myself as much as possible, but during development I slowly realised that I can’t get it all done myself (within a reasonable timeframe). Therefore, I have asked my community to help out with graphics design (team emblems at the moment, team kits in the near future), and so far, I’m very happy with how they picked it up. Within weeks, over half of the team emblems had been designed!

rootgamer_say   Why not make the project open-source to attract additional contributors?

Bastiaan:  I am planning on releasing the source of the football game, and maybe the game engine, at some point. However, I should really comment the code properly and probably write some sort of manual on how the code works, else it wouldn’t be of much use. I don’t know when I’ll have time for that, could be a year from now, could be longer. No promises there 😉

rootgamer_say   What future plans do you have in store for us?

Bastiaan: If the game turns out to be a success, I may continue working on a second version, possibly with online multiplayer support (right now, it only supports multiple players (gamepads) on one PC). However, I also have some smaller projects in mind that I’m excited to work on, maybe do something as a short ‘in-between’ project. In the end, I’ll probably just decide what I feel like doing after I’ve finished this game.

rootgamer_say  There are many games available, which title do you like best?

Bastiaan:  My favourite game.. that’s a tough one. I hope I can name multiple.. first one: Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Even though I don’t play it that much anymore, I still consider it to be the best football game ever made. Second: Live For Speed, one of the best racing simulators around. Third: Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. Its interface is brilliant, allowing the player to seamlessly zoom in and out through an enormous range, and I’m baffled that there’s hardly any other RTS that does better in that regard, even years after the first Supreme Commander came out!

rootgamer_say   Anything else you would like to add?

Bastiaan:   Gameplay Football will initially be released with a ‘pay what you like’ pricing model. If that turns out to be successful, I’ll stick with it. I also plan to support payment in bitcoins, that way I don’t have to pay large fees like I would with PayPal payments. If all goes well, Gameplay Football should be released on the website around January 1st, 2014.

Not everything is about programming with Bastiaan; listen to his impressive drum ‘n bass productions for free!

Download ‘Gameplay Football 0.8’ Linux

Download ‘Gameplay Football‘ Public Beta release 0.8 for Linux ~15MB in size. You’re gonna need at least a dual core CPU and a modern OpenGL 3.2 graphics adapter!

Please report your feedback at the official forums

Gameplay Football 0.8Torrent download




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  1. dunix August 31, 2013 at 18:32 -

    Player models look pretty odd and low-res, but it’s one of the first to be released.

    Hope they release the source-code, it could bring the project to a higher level.

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