0 A.D. needs your help!

0 A.D. is a free, open source, real time strategy game set in the ancient world and the developers are in need of your help.



In the spirit of the classics 0 A.D. is similar in style to the Age of Empires series. As a player you’ll take control of one the many ancient civilizations and battle it out either against the computer or other players. Visually this game is stunning and the artwork puts a lot of main stream proprietary games to shame. 0 A.D. has been in development for several years now at a slow, steady pace but now the developers of the game, Wildfire Games, have decided to launch an Indiegogo campaign in the hopes of raising $160,000 to fund development of 0 A.D. and allow them to concentrate full time on the game.


0 A.D. is also a cross platform  game so you can enjoy it on Linux, Mac or even Windows if you really need to. So if you haven’t played it yet why not check it out for yourself and decide whether or not you want to fund it. In the mean time I’ll be doing my bit to help. If you’d prefer not to donate you can also help out by spreading the word across G+, Twitter, Facebook…etc…etc.




Get Involved

There are tons of other ways to help us develop the game!

Do you have programming skills?

Do you have modeling or animating experience?

Spread the word about our project!


Is this campaign worth funding? Yes, it is definitely worth funding, I’ve been playing 0 A.D. for years but ever since I first played it I’ve been itching for the final product to be released. It is a masterful game with a very bright future ahead of it. We see years of life for 0 A.D. ahead, packed full of expansions, custom maps and custom campaigns put together by the fans for the fans.


Download 0 A.D. Linux



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