Q&A ‘Universum: War Front’

What is Universum: War Front?

• Dota by its MOBA gameplay elements.
• Starcraft/Warhammer by its atmosphere, RTS elements.
• Battlefield by its gameplay dynamics, FPS elements.
• StarWars by its high adventure storyline.

The story is about our probable future, and about what can happen after the beginning of space expansion and after the first contact with aliens. We look forward and ask a question:

What would happen if mankind lost Earth and will they be able to capture their home planet back?

This game is about choosing a path for human evolution. Storyline of Universum based on the book written by project lead, Cyril Megem, created with deep sense and  narrative.


Interview Cyril Megem (project lead)

We had a brief Q&A with Cyris, project leader of ‘Universum: War Front‘. And asked him about the distinguished gameplay, the development process and his view on Linux gaming …

rootgamer_say  Hi Cyril can introduce yourself, and tell us how you got involved with game development?

Cyril:  I’m Cyril Megem an independent artist/game designer/programmer. I was born in Kiev, from childhood I attended art school, then went to the University at the faculty of Informatics and programming. I start worked with 3d graphics as a hobby when I was kid. When I began to show my artworks in online galleries, I got lucky to get some letters with offers from employers. So I got my first job in the video game industry. Over 10 years I have been developing video games, mostly large 3d projects, such as the CitiesXL, and some small 2d casual games. This gave me enough experience in different areas of game development to start my own independent project.

rootgamer_say  ‘Universum: War Front’s world looks futuristic, what made the concept evolve? What inspired you?

Cyril:  I think first it was a mix of impressions of different beautiful places on earth where I have been and also classic sci-fi movies like Aliens, StarWars, etc. Also I’ve always liked the design and power of military vehicles, I was engaged in aircraft and robotic modeling when I was a kid, and always visited military parades and air shows. Then I plunged into the world of computer games, where these impressions have been enhanced by.


rootgamer_say  How did you came up with the game concept?

Cyril:  I always liked the different genres of games. I liked to keep the enemy at gunpoint in Battlefield series, a large number of different types of military vehicles in Arma, where you can control each of them and of course the most beautiful sci-fi worlds from StarCraft and Warhammer where you can command huge armies. And once I thought: “It will be cool to create my own game project and include to it all the features that I loved in my favorite games!”

rootgamer_say  What does it take to find good balance in gameplay between all features?

Cyril:  Sometimes we have to limit some features by special parameters to keep good balance in gameplay. The main way to achieve this: how powerful the ability of the character, that harder to get it in the game. Of course we can’t let the players do what they want at start, before they will have to go through the hard way of growth of their character through a lot of battles.

rootgamer_say  Does supporting Linux require much effort? How does it effect development progress? (will Linux be available at game launch?)

Cyril:  Using the Unity engine I can quite easily make a version for Linux. But it will require a lot of time testing, thats why version of early access to Linux’s will be a little bit later. But I hope that our community will help to complete the testing faster.

rootgamer_say  What are your thoughts on the future of Linux gaming?

Cyril:  I think that widespread multi-platform game engines now significantly accelerates the development of games for Linux. This will allow developers to please Linux users with new games in all genres. That’s why I think that happy future for Linux games has already begun! And I don’t see any obstacles on this way. Linux may well be the future of pc gaming.


rootgamer_say  What is your favorite game at the moment and what makes it special?

Cyril:  StarCraft is one of the few games in which I played for most of his life, thats thanks to its beautiful sci-fi atmosphere and impressive storyline.

rootgamer_say  Anything else you would like to add?

Cyril:  Dont forget to support this project during the Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns, join to our community and be part of interactive development!

Universum: War Front‘ looks impressive and new to me. They plan to start Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns within a week. We’ll keep you posted about the progress.

Enjoy the screenshots for now 🙂



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