RootGamer featured in Linux Magazine

June 1, 2013 the Dutch Linux User Group (NLLGG) held its last meeting of the season, in Utrecht. Linux Magazine arranged lectures about games and organised competitive gaming tournaments. The NLLGG gave a VIM workshop and a lecture about Puppet.

RootGamer was invited to talk about future and current developments around Linux gaming.


The Dutch Linux Magazine covered the event in its previous issue. Here is the translated clipping: brought us up to speed about the commercial games coming to Linux nowadays. Obviously Desura and Steam were covered. Derk didn’t shy away from more technical topics like frame rates (with benchmarks).

He showed that some games on Windows and Linux perform almost the same, while other games on Windows(DirectX) still have better results. According to RootGamer it won’t take a lot of improvement to Linux before hardcore Windows gamers make the switch.


Better performance with the same hardware is a serious advantage. With Linux the user has more control over resource consuming processes like; the desktop, background tasks, redundant services etc – features Windows users can only dream of.

Read all about Linux and future event in the Linux Magazine




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One Comment on "RootGamer featured in Linux Magazine"

  1. miro b. October 18, 2013 at 23:40 -

    nice one 😉

    I guess that DX is mostly optimized, since it is often the basis for a lot of games. If that level of optimization was made for OpenGL as well, the graph above would surely look a lot different.

    Nice to know that OpenGL gets more into focus lately, that will help to release us all from the MS depency-intended invention DX.

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