‘Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim’ is funded!

We covered the kickstarter campaign of Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim, the open world, action-adventure game with an emphasis on physics and player-choice. There is good news for those who contributed the project. With only two hours left for the kickstarter campaign to end, the project goal of $30,000 was achieved just about that! The release date is to be announced, until then enjoy the ‘Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim’ Linux demo below.

Finally we’re funded! Theres still 2 hours to go. Thanks to all who supported us! You’re just awesome! We’ll be posting a bigger update tomorrow!


About the game

Cornerstone is an open world action adventure, with an emphasis on exploration and combat mixed with physics and player choice. A game inspired by The Legend of Zelda games and Dark Souls.

The world is structured similar to Wind-Waker with a series of islands connected within vast ocean, almost every areas is accessible from the start. The main method of transportation between islands will be by Ship (and don’t worry, there will be fast travel).


Download Demo ‘Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim’

The long awaited Pre-alpha demo is here. This release doesn’t represent the final game but it shows the direction Ascension Games is aiming for. This is still work in progress so dont get too shocked if you bump into a bug, or glitch, just report the issues to the developers so they can be fix.

'Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim' Demo

Linux_demo.rar ~96M





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