Maia reaching out to indiegogo for final goal

Inspired heavily by the 70’s Sci-fi aesthetic, Maia is a colony management simulator where you must keep your colonists safe, fed and happy. Liberally influenced by nineties god games (Dungeon Keeper), the game will have a dark sense of humour and more toys to play with. Funding crossed the  £140,00 milestone on the final day at kickstarter. However the project did not reach its goal to make ‘the robot editor’, Simon Roth expect to cover it using indiegogo donations;

We didn’t quite make it to the robot editor goal, but as I said before, we’ll count the Indiegogo donations towards them too. Looking at the current rate, we could have it as soon as next week. I’ll put some time aside to spruce up the page and see if we can catch a little more interest.

Maia alpha build

Maia alpha build


You must excavate an underground colony to escape the hostile surface of the world. Mine minerals for construction, build rooms to house, feed and entertain your colonists and intricate defenses to protect them from dangerous wildlife. Battle the hostile environment of intense seismic activity, meteor strikes, solar flares and the alien ecosystem, whilst maintaining the atmosphere, temperature and integrity of your base.

Carefully manage your lighting to control the unstable moods of your colonists, guide your precious robots and to slow the encroaching jungle. Research sources of power, water and food. Explore the surface and perform science to produce the future technology you need to survive your new home.



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