The Nuclear Dawn is coming! Maybe.

Not even a full weekend after posting the screenshots of Nuclear Dawn running on Ubuntu does Nicholas Hastings from Interwave Studios post this little diddy to get me giddy.

Please don’t hold me to this, but there will probably be a public beta of it sometime later this week.

It will not be compatible with current servers and will be more of a test for those that want to try it and report issues. Not long after, we will do a proper release of it with a corresponding server update.

So that there’s no false expectations, this update will solely be the linux client support as well as bugfixes for all platforms.

Additionally, the Bad Santa achievement will be made attainable during the 2013 Steam Winter sale.

Let get it on!!

Let get it on!!

You better believe I was all over this like a fat kid on some diabetes inducing sweets. It makes me really excited as Interwave really wants the game to work perfectly the first time before they grant acess to the servers, unlike other certain other RTS/FPS games. I am going to get on this to have my chance to make sure the game runs great. So if you also want in on the beta make your self heard on the Nuclear Dawn Linux steam topic.


Nuclear Dawn Discussion


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