Simultaneous multiplatform release ‘Ascendant’

Ascendant‘ is a 2.5D roguelike-brawler where players take on the role of a demigod attempting to overthrow an older, more tyrannical god by enhancing their power through aspects. Additionally, the game takes a lot of features from rogue-like games and puts them to good use. Permadeath, character enhancement, random drops, dynamically assembled content; these things and more are featured in Ascendant.


Along with releasing on Windows and Mac ‘Hapa Games‘ will also be creating builds for Linux platform. Ascendant is expected to be available February 2014. Hapa Games plans for simultaneous Windows, Mac, and Linux release:

After dedicating some time to creating and testing builds for both Mac and Linux we have decided that we will be launching on these platforms simultaneously with our Windows PC release. We will continue to test on these platforms as we develop, iterate, and polish Ascendant to ensure the integrity of those builds before we release.

Ascendant Features

  • Aspects – Aspects are part of a socket system that actively enhances a player’s weapon, spell, or armor. Each aspect has their own unique characteristics and placing them into different sockets will yield varying effects.
  • Brawler-based combat – Martial weapons are the primary way that the Ascendant dispatches enemies. You will be able to perform ground and air combos to slice your way through the frenzied hordes of beasts and fanatics.
  • Dynamic spell generation – The instability of magic in the world means that spells the Ascendant picks up can be wildly different from each other. Spells are generated from a set of specific archetypes – boomerang, bounce shot, and shrapnel blast.
  • Followers – The Ascendant will be able to convert his enemies into allies through the Followers system. When you perform combos well, have collected enough influence, there is a chance that the enemies will be in complete awe of your fighting prowess and commit to your cause.


The kickstarter campaign isn’t funded nor finished! The initial goal of $10,000 isn’t achieved yet. With 10 days remaining and $4,000 short, it will be all or nothing 😉



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