Get ready for FORCED Co-op action

It was make or break for FORCED; as it seemed the funding would not be achieved with just a couple days remaining. However a final guerrilla-marketing attempt of BetaDwarf, proved to be sufficient! And right at the end they exceeded the $40,000 goal with a final score of $65,413, thanks to the 1900+ donations.

This can only mean one thing:  the dungeons of the co-op gladiator action game will be filled with blood soon!


The image that saved the project

With only four days to go, the situation is not very hopeful. It looks like that project is doomed to fail. However, a single jpeg imags turns the whole thing around and saved the future of Forced.

Steffen Kabbelgaard explains;

I was sitting up late, struggling yet again with a way to tell the world about our Kickstarter, while part of the team was working hard on our online multiplayer functionality. We had 4 days left and things weren’t looking good. I then decided to make an image that simply shows the last two years of our lives.

It turned out to be a great idea. Even before a time limit expires the funding passed the 100% mark.

Live Stream

To celebrate the end of kickstarter a “Thanks to the fans” was given through an extensive live-stream. A great opportunity for RootGamer to get some answers;

  How do you keep the game interesting once it is released to the public?

Steffen: We will have a couple of tricks up our sleeve, but it all depends on sales and financial income. We like forced to be a basis of many things to come. But like always it comes down to numbers. Currently we don’t make any money building games. If many people buy and enjoy the game, Forced could last a couple years and one can expect new content.

  Can we expect map/level editor tools?

Steffen: We would like to make  tools available to create your own arena. Such tools should be user friendly and easy to use, at this point you almost need to be a programmer to design an environment. If we have enough resources and support we might provide the tools in future. But it dependent on the success factor again.

  How many energy drinks do you go through a day? 😉

Steffen: Some members of the team do like energy drinks, but most of us depend on coffee (lots of it)

Overall the game looks very promising and we hope to bring you a review from the linux build soon.

Until then, enjoy some screenshots


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