RetroBooster playable demo right now!

Although the news is a couple days old and the game looks like yet another 2D space shooter but the demo is a true challenge. The game is more about the pilot skills compared to similar games. And features some colorful explosions and particles when blowing up spaceships and objectives. The developer Terry used to work for NASA on visual simulation and virtual reality. He is using that experience on game development  and  is making good progress and will release the game somewhere next year.

Retrobooster lets you pilot a thrust ship across the galaxy, focusing on the thrill of flying just as much as blasting enemies. Some cave-flyers keep the flying slow or neuter the physics in some other way, but Retrobooster enhances its survival theme by keeping the flying fast and tense. This is accomplished with a combination of clever control laws and realistic physics. Retrobooster also sports colorful explosions and other effects produced by a custom particle engine. All of this produces an arcade experience with a balance of bullet hell mayhem, flying challenges, and delicious pyrotechnics.

The gameplay consists of skill-based flying and shooting, grabbing tokens to get power-ups and weapons, and figuring out how to get through each level. Beating a level can mean rescuing people, solving puzzles, or surviving speed-flying challenges. Replay value comes from multiple difficulty levels, the chance to play for high scores, and your constantly improving ship control skills.

Retrobooster is about two-thirds through development. The gameplay has matured enough that to release a first playable demo! We hope this will generate good feedback that will help make it a better game.

Platforms: Windows, Linux
Release: TBD 2013
Price: TBD


  • Classic thrust ship controls, plus reverse thrust
  • High quality physics, with believable collisions and death by crushing
  • Unlocked levels can be replayed anytime
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • Single player or up to 4 players split-screen
  • Cooperative and deathmatch multiplayer modes
  • Acquire weapons and power-ups by destroying enemies
  • Electronic soundtrack by Kevin Meinert –
  • Customization controls
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse and keyboard
    • Game controller (Some popular controllers are recognized automatically.)


Download Demo


retrobooster-demo-0.5.3-1.i686.rpm (106 MB)
Download from Indie DB or GamersHell or Really Slick

> yum install --nogpgcheck retrobooster-demo-0.5.3-1.i686.rpm
> retrobooster-demo
Or go to Applications->Games->Retrobooster Demo


retrobooster-demo_0.5.3-1_i386.deb (106 MB)
Download from Indie DB or GamersHell or Really Slick

> dpkg -i retrobooster-demo_0.5.3-1_i386.deb
> apt-get -f install
> retrobooster-demo
Or go to Applications->Games->Retrobooster Demo


retrobooster-demo-0.5.3-1.tar.gz (106 MB)
Download from Indie DB or GamersHell or Really Slick

> tar xzvf retrobooster-demo-0.5.3-1.tar.gz
> ./retrobooster-demo/RUN

This tarball is intended for Linux user who have no luck with the rpm or deb packages. The tarball version will only work if you have the correct dependencies installed. Depending on your Linux distro, you will need to install the 32-bit versions of these packages:

  • Ubuntu: libc6 libstdc++6 libgcc1 zlib1g libgl1-mesa-glx libglu1-mesa libfreetype6 libpng12-0 libsdl1.2debian libsdl-mixer1.2 libogg0 libvorbisenc2
  • Fedora: glibc libstdc++ libgcc zlib mesa-libGL mesa-libGLU mesa-dri-drivers freetype libpng libpng-compat SDL SDL_mixer libogg libvorbis alsa-plugins-pulseaudio
  • Other distros may have different package names.




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