Crystal Picnic Alpha 15 released.

About 10 hours ago, Nooskewl the creators of such games as Elemental and the ever popular MonsterRPG 2. NooSkewl recently updated on their IndieDB page that Crystal Picnic Alpha 15 is now ready to play. I own both MonsterRPG 2 and Elemental. I have enjoyed their games very much. I have been impressed on how well the team has progressed in terms of graphics over each game and how they adapt by changing styles.

What is Crystal Picnic?

Well I am so glad you did not ask that. But I will tell you any ways.Crystal Picnic is an action RPG with a traditional retro-console style perspective for field view, and a platform battle system similar to the “Tales of” series. The game will feature lots of quests and loot. Crystal Picnic’s theme is colourful, humorous and family friendly.

a screenshot of the combat system.

I said hey! What’s in the Alpha?!

In Crystal Picnic’s new update they fixed a number of problems that some testers were having. Below is a list of what this update has fixed for this recent version.

  • Orchestral title menu music
  • Crash and bug fixes
  • Sliding on area edges/walls improved
  • Added and changed many SFX
  • Fixed up some sprites
  • Updated some other graphics
  • Better AI for Bisou

They also posted a screenshot which won them “Image of the day” on So congratulations on that NooSkewl.

The winning screenshot for

To pay, or not to pay.

As of right now you can pay $9.99CAD to get in the alpha which will also pay for the final release version. Would I buy it right now? In this state maybe not, I think $10 is a little high to get access now. As much and I enjoy Nooskewl and their games, I can not on the other hand spend 10$ on a 25% finished game that I feel is slightly overpriced. But if the price were to do a “Minecraft” pricing where it starts very cheap like (2$) at the beginning and as updates get bigger and leading closer to release then raise the price for newcomers I would then reconsider. But ill definitely keep my eye on this game a future releases. The game is set to release in the 2nd Quarter of 2014 so who know what major updates they may add. If you are have an interest in NooSkewl and their work on Crystal Picnic and maybe want to get in on the Alpha then by all means check them out toss some spare money their way and game on.

Purchas Crystal Picnic


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