Spectrum releases on Desura .

Change colors more than Mr.Rogers changes sweaters

I have noticed the past few months the number of Linux games increase on Desura. This is great for me as I still have tons of games I still play and need to finish on Desura. One such game that caught my eye was a game made by a gentalman named Mido Basim. Mido is a game developer who lives in New Zeland and Spectrum appears to be his first title. Because I truly believe in knowing the people behind each game I found some info about him for you to enjoy.

Mido loves making games as much as playing them. He studied Software Engineering at the University of Auckland and took several CompSci graphics papers. After graduation, he applied for a regular developer position at a softawre company in Auckland. However, the passion for making games was still prominent. So in June 2012 Mido decided to back a project on kickstarter called OUYA!. Since then, Mido started the idea of making a simple game that is going to be released to the public on PC and OUYA. At the time, Mido has only made games for university assignments and only knew OpenGL graphics basics.
After that

Mido decided to ask help from friends to brainstorm ideas for a simple game. That’s when Spectrum was born. August 2012 marks the first line of code committed to our repository. Since then, Mido was hard at work implementing features, collaborating with other friends and contractors to work on different parts of the game such as Music, Art, and Animation. All this was done in the spare time while working full time as a software developer. Several usability tests have been done by volunteers to test out Spectrum though the development process. Finally, Spectrum was submitted to IGF in October and is ready to be released on December 1st 2013 for PC..

Let’s get some per-spectrum on this game.

Spectrum is a side scrolling 2D game. An addictive puzzle platformer that challenges the player to use their mind and patience to progress through the game in a beautiful hand painted art world.

Tadashi is the main character in Spectrum. He is trying to figure out what happened to him and how to escape this mysterious world. He discovers that he can’t attack or kill any thing. However, he can change colours to interact with the environment.

There are 11 levels to discover and over 30 puzzles to solve. Spectrum’s art is hand painted with spectacular soundtracks to immerse the player into the world of Spectrum.

Spectrum. jump on it, jump on it

All and all I am going to definitely review this game the game features alone interested me. For 5$ why not really. Expect to see a review on Spectrum very shortly guys and gals. Check it out on Desura and Game on.

Spectrum: A puzzle platformer


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