Attractive ‘The Mims: Beginning’ funded!

The mysterious, mythical and funny adventure / strategy-game; ‘The Mims: Beginning‘ reached their first goal on crowdfunding website indiegogo.

Jakub Machowski:  We reach our INITIAL GOAL ! It’s unbelievable! and there is still 22 days to the end! Our dreams come true because of You! Thank you to amazing people who decided to support us.

About Mims

In ‘The Mims: Beginning‘ you play a God-like caretaker of a colony of creatures called Mims who are space travelers stranded in a strange place  when their ship was hit by a meteor.With the use of godlike PSI powers you can influence living things in your range of power and strengthen your colony. This feature is quite similar to the “Populous the Beginning” game.

It holds the typical strategy game rules. You can build structures, plant, invent technologies and seeds, protect your animal herds and sell them when they’re grown.You will also encounter boss characters and adventures that makes every mission different.


Planned features

• Expansion of a colony
• The autonomy of characters
• Researching new technologies
• Upgrading buildings
• Simulation of “God”
• Special powers at player’s disposal
• Protecting colony from the wildlife creatures
• Planting your own fruit crops
• Many different types of plants with different ways of fruiting
• Creating and taking care of the various livestock
• Selling livestock at the intergalactic supermarket
• Timeline allowing to predict the future events
• Keep away pests and predators by controlling smell sensor
• Various flying islands with many adventures

Attractive environment

  • Release date: Probably in the first quarter of 2014
  • Special Indiegogo Price: 8$
  • Price after Realese: 13-16$
  • Platforms: Win,Mac,Linux



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