‘Duke Nukem 3D’ updated with cross-platform

Publisher Devolver Digital does the Megaton Edition of Duke Nukem 3D Sale and announced at the same time that the now classic shooter multiplayer and co-op cross-platform playable on Windows , OS X and Linux . Up to eight players can join.

Exactly eighteen years after the original release of ‘Duke Nukem 3D’ appeared on the market, the new publisher Devolver Digital updates the classic shooter and makes the game playable cross-platform on Windows , OS X and Linux. You get to shoot Windows gamers on Deathmatch or play co-op.


Devolver has the update included in ‘Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition‘. The expanded edition was published in March 2013 on Steam and includes: ‘Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition’, ‘Duke Caribbean: Life’s A Beach’, ‘Duke it out in D.C.’ and ‘Nuclear Winter’. The Megaton Edition is part of the Midweek Madness sale on Steam, so the game is temporarily on sale for few bucks.

Devolver Digital took over the development of Duke Nukem 3D on 3D Realms in 2009, after the entire staff was fired. 3D Realms did not have enough resources left developing sequel Duke Nukem Forever, which was in production for twelve years! The development of DNF was taken over by Gearbox Software.

Halfway through 2011 Devolver embroidered the Steam version of Duke Nukem 3D, on the work that some modders in recent years have done.  So the game is now running under OpenGL and can handle TCP/IP, while original version of the game was playing multiplayer only via the ipx protocol.

Alternative you can use EDuke32 to run the game on Linux and to improve the visuals of this classic shooter, download the high-res texture pack.

Linux System Requirements


    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04
    • Processor:1.5 GHz Processor
    • Memory:1GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL compatible graphics card with at least 256M
    • Hard Drive:400MB HD space

    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04
    • Processor:1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory:2GB RAM
    • Graphics:OpenGL compatible graphics card with at least 256M
    • Hard Drive:400MB HD space



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  1. dunix January 29, 2014 at 13:54 -

    “You’re an inspiration for birth control!” gotta love Duke

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