Megabyte Punch

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I love Nintendo’s Super Smash Bro’s series. When I first saw this games screenshots on IndieDB I instantly fell in love. But was this game going to be good enough to fill my Smash Bro’s fix? Well lets see if it can stand up to a pretty high bar Nintendo set.

Megabyte Punch


LICENSE(S): Reptile

PLATFORM(S): Linux | Windows | Mac

GENRE(S): Action / Beat’em up

RELEASE DATE(S): August 6, 2013


Megabyte Punch is an electro action/beat ‘em up where you can customize your robot with parts that you get from by smashing you’re enemies to small shambles (Pretty radical). You go through multiple types of environments and gather not only parts but also “Bits” which you can use later to purchase even more parts in your town parts shop.


The parts themselves actually have passive stat boosts or abilities which you can add to your active ability list. This is awesome as you can really customize you’re fighter with any combination of parts.

The combat in the Megabyte Punch was radical. The game had 3 types of gameplay. Adventure (Story Mode), Tournament and Versus. The Story mode is where you get all you’re parts which you also obtain colour capsules which allow you to change your fighters colour scheme.In the tournament mode you have a set amount of lives and move through one gruelling battle after another. and in Versus you can take on your local buddies in classic beat’em up style area matches.


I love the graphics for Megabyte Punch. from Level design and artistic style the game is wonderful to watch and play.


The music and sounds to this game are amazing I cannot say anything bad about this game what so ever towards the music. The sound also was amazing. Together it really gave the game an “neo-classic” style sound to Megabyte Punch which was refreshing.


I posed the question earlier “But was this game going to be good enough to fill my Smash Bro’s fix?” Answer, Hell yes! Reptile hit a home run with this game. Megabyte Punch is THE BEST Linux Beat’em up of 2013! I enjoyed this game I played with my friends and family and enjoyed seeing their combos for their fighters. Smashing them in the arena or they smashed me all over the place. I brought out my USB hub and plugged in all my Logitech controllers and went to town. I fully recommend everyone play this game at least once. You can purchase Megabyte Punch on Steam, Desura or at Megabyte Punch’s website.

[steamlink id=”” width=”600″ height=”250″]

Megabyte Punch

9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 10/10

Great Customization | Outstanding Soundtrack | Wonderful Local Multiplayer | Tons of Secrets

Needs Online Multiplayer


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  1. Ken Harkey November 17, 2013 at 22:54 -

    It looks like it could be really fun. Too bad the demo seems to be windows only.

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