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Hey , remember the cartoons of the 80’s? So many great shows like He-man and the Masters of the universe, She-ra, Transformers and G.I.Joe. Tons of classic movies and styles came from the 80’s that really defined a lot of people today. I had been waiting for this game to come to Linux for along time when I first saw the Kickstarter campaign back in February 18th 2012. The game is dripping with 1980’s nostalgia that just summoned and “Child of the 80’s” to come and lick their lips to a “childhood” like good time. Do you think this game is worth the 5.99$ CAD for a nostalgia feeling? Lets go and find out.

Saturday Morning RPG

DEVELOPER(S): MightyRabbit Studios

LICENSE(S): MightyRabbit Studios

PLATFORM(S): Linux | Windows | Mac | iOS | Ouya


RELEASE DATE(S): Linux: Sept 28, 2013

Story of Saturday Morning RPG

Saturday Morning follows the a kid named Marty Hall, a high school student who has been given a gift of powerful abilities to channel magic through everyday objects. With his new found powers Marty has inadvertently attracted the attention of the world’s most heinous villain – the evil Commander Hood. This leads Marty into a series of dangerous plans that he must unravel to save the world and those he loves. As of now I just finished episode 3 and moving on to episode 4. The series really needs more episodes, I find that I want to play more episodes and can’t get enough. *COUGH (I’m directing this to you MightyRabbit Studios).

Gameplay and Handle

Game it self

SMRPG installed great on Desura and started up without a hitch. But being made from the Unity Engine I was not surprised to see it working out of the box. The game had 3 modes the player could select from.

  • Episodes : This is the Story mode of the game where the player can select what episode they would like to play, after beating the first episode.
  • Endless : In Endless you battle wave after wave of enemies from each episode in a survival match.
  • Arena : In Arena the player can pick enemies from the game to challenge.

First thing I did was find the settings and see if the game had controller support. There I found the area called “Styles”. There I was able to Select between styles like;

  • Keyboard + Mouse
  • 360 (Xbox360 or Logitech series gamepads)
  • PS (Playstation gamepads)

My mouth watered for my chance to play a game such as Saturday Morning RPG with my F710 gamepad. I dove in with my trusty gamepad and began playing the first episode.


The combat is like any other turn based JRPG but obviously with tons of 80’s weapons, item and spells. I really enjoyed how the guys at MightyRabbit Studios incorporated all famous 80’s objects in the combat system and made slick attacks and spells for Marty to wield in the game. Overall I quite enjoyed how developers let you figure out the system without completely punishing you for any mistakes as you figure out new spells and weapons. My only negative about the game is that the episodes are not as long as I would like them to be.


I liked the 2D characters in the 3D environment. I found at times when I moved around the maps that the camera was to close if that makes any sense. But overall especially in combat I loved how I would obtained certain weapons like Michael Jacksons rhinestone glove and then Marty would moonwalk over to his target and punch the target in the face. Like the 80’s cartoons the game was very colorful and alot catches your eye and there is nothing wrong with that at all.


Vince Dicola was the Lead composer for SMRPG. You may know him from his works in movies such as Transformers: The animated movie (The only Tansformers movie that counts) and Rocky IV. His talent really captured the music and sounds of the 80’s but he was not alone on this game to make the game complete for the soundtrack. Kenny Meriedeth was Vince’s Co-Composer for SMRPG aside from his great work with Vince he his best known for his work on the film Crooked. Overall the sound effects are ok but at times they do seem like RPG Maker sound effects. SMRPG still did a outstanding job with that the game’s music really gave a 80’s cartoon feel to the story and emotion.


I asked in the beginning of this review if I felt this game is worth the 5.99$ CAD for a nostalgia feeling. Well I feel the game has great replay value in many aspects from obtaining achievements or button mashing my way to getting a better rating at the end of each episode (My forearm is still killing me). MightyRabbit Studios has put alot of love in this game and it shows from the jokes, music to the system represented in every aspect of the game. So yes, Saturday Morning RPG was totally worth the 5.99$ and I want more from this game. I definitely feel that anyone who wants to relive the 80’s or get a new found understanding on the many things that made the 80’s radical! This game is worth your time. And if you have time tell you’re friends to up vote them on Steam. Buy it at Desura, Humble Store and at MightyRabbit Studios.


MightRabbit Studios
9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 9/10

Nostalgic Episodic Stories | Controller Support | Suprb Soundtrack | Outstanding Combat System

Episodes Too Short | Sound Effects Can Sound Like RPG Maker |


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  1. Mega Zell November 8, 2013 at 22:33 -

    This game is great. I think for the most part 80’s kids are going to LOVE it. The younger gen will get some of the references and then spend a good amount of their time outside of the game googling the jokes they did not get.

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