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By Kereltis, August 10, 2014 3 Interview, News, Report

You read it correctly, Direct X directly interacting with the Gallium open source driver! About Last week we had an opportunity to speak with Tiziano Bacocco (an open source, electro Guru from Italy) about the future of the Gallium driver (open source AMD driver) and how it is possible to have Direct X interacting directly with the driver instead of having the overhead of the… Read More »

By Kereltis, May 9, 2014 0 Devices, News, Nvidia

We’ve come to expect great performance from the proprietary Nvidia Linux drivers and here’s hoping that continues! About Version 337.19 – BETA Release Date Mon May 05, 2014 Operating System Linux 64-bit Language English (US) File Size 65.19 MB Release Highlights Fixed a bug causing mode validation to fail for 4K resolutions over HDMI in certain situations. Added nvidia-settings command line controls for over- and… Read More »

By Kereltis, March 10, 2014 0 Earthlock Festival of Magic, Game, Kickstarter, News

Turn based role-playing is one of the classic gaming genres and Snowcastle Games are hoping to give the genre a real boost with “Earthlock: Festival of Magic”! About An original turn-based role-playing game set in a world of machines and magic, a world that stopped spinning thousands of years ago. On Umbra, a planet that mysteriously stopped spinning ages ago, war is brewing. As desert… Read More »

By Kereltis, March 3, 2014 1 FarSky, News

Ever wanted to explore the depths of the oceans? Well here is your chance, FarSky is coming to Desura! About Farsky is a survival, adventure and exploration game made by Farsky Interactive. After the crash of your submarine, you are left alone in the depths of the ocean. Take advantage of the day to extract resources, go fishing and explore, but be careful of the… Read More »

By RootGamer, February 2, 2014 1 Download, The Mims

Recently we covered the initial funding and success of ‘The Mims: Beginning’ with Indiegogo. This week the developers thank the community for their support by releasing a Beta of the odd, mythical and funny adventure-strategy game. About Mims In ‘The Mims: Beginning‘ you play a God-like caretaker of a colony of creatures called Mims who are space travelers stranded in a strange place  when their ship was… Read More »

By Kereltis, January 8, 2014 0 Game, Greenlight, News, Secrets of Rætikon, Steam, SteamOS

Secrets of Rætikon was released for early access today on Steam for Linux and is already looking very different and very awesome! About Secrets of Rætikon is an action-focussed exploration game with an open world. Fly through the savage mountains of the Alps and collect parts of ancient machines. The world is rich in interactivity. Trees, rocks, plants and animals – everything is physics based and… Read More »

By Kereltis, January 7, 2014 1 News, Nuclear Dawn

For all of you who have been tracking Nuclear Dawn. Well This Saturday Cheeseness from SteamLUG and Nicholas Hastings from Interwave will be hosting a Bug hunting event on Steam. I will most certainly be there as I always enjoy playing with fellow Linux gamers. Cheese posted this on the SteamLUG event board: SteamLUG Nuclear Dawn Bughunt 11 JAN @ 3:00PM (Eastern Standard Time Zone)… Read More »

By Ultimoore, December 31, 2013 1 Deadfall Adventures

How the Linux adventure has begun. Earlier today MegalomaniacNG (Steam ID) the executive producer at Nordic games posted a topic on the Deadfall Adventures Steam community forums. Deadfall Adventures Linux Beta Release Hello, All customers of Deadfall Adventures should now have access to the Linux depot. This is not a beta version since we need especially feedback on a wide variety of hardware configurations. We… Read More »

By Ultimoore, December 23, 2013 3 Amd Ati

Great work, Columbo. Well as of right now I am still waiting for my final 5 parts for my ARCH gamebox. So I wanted to see what was new on the AMD front. I knew that the beta was going on but I didn’t think it would get pushed to “Stable” so quickly (as of DEC 19th, 2013). Needless to say I had to snoop… Read More »

By Ultimoore, November 12, 2013 0 News, Nuclear Dawn

Not even a full weekend after posting the screenshots of Nuclear Dawn running on Ubuntu does Nicholas Hastings from Interwave Studios post this little diddy to get me giddy. Please don’t hold me to this, but there will probably be a public beta of it sometime later this week. It will not be compatible with current servers and will be more of a test for… Read More »

By Ultimoore, November 8, 2013 1

Well I got some righteous news for those of us Nuclear Dawn fans, Nicholas Hastings from Interwave Studios posted on the Game connect forums on Nov 1st some screen shots of Nuclear Dawn running on Linux. Nicholas said about the progress of the game as; It’s mostly working. We’re just… Read More »

By RootGamer, September 19, 2013 0 Greenlight, News, Steam, Verdun

Blackmill games announced the launch of the Verdun Beta on Steam Early Access. After a successful open beta they now finally released the Verdun Beta on Steam which allows all the benefits from the Steam API such as a robust patching system, leaderboards, easy friend joining, achievements, screenshot sharing etc. Like to know more? Read our interview with Verdun developer! After running a free beta for over 4 months,… Read More »

By Yulike, July 12, 2013 1 Dota 2, News

After two years in Beta for Windows,  the most popular game currently on Steam, Dota 2, is now in its initial testing stages for Linux and Mac OS X. Valve officially ended the Dota 2 beta earlier this week with a blog post. Valve developer Zoid, blessed us with the news at dev.dota2.com explaining the “Dota 2 Test” client is still in early stages and will be buggy. Please note that Dota… Read More »

By RootGamer, July 11, 2013 0 News, Teslagrad

Teslagrad is a non-linear adventure with hand-drawn animations and an undisguised inclination towards magnetism and other electromagnetic forces. Developer Rain-Games ask the Linux gamer for support and test ‘Teslagrad‘

By RootGamer, May 28, 2013 0 Moon Rising, News

The new turn-based strategy game ‘Moon Rising‘ now running a closed Beta for Linux users. Being developed using the Unity game engine meaning only Ubuntu 12.10 and above are currently supported.