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By RootGamer, December 21, 2012 0 Crowd funding, Forsaken Fortress

After a last attempt to reach the kickstarter goal seems succesfull; the game ‘Forsaken Fortress‘ is funded with only one day left to pledge. The goal of $100,00 was reached, with about 20 hours remaining. 

By RootGamer, December 19, 2012 0 Crowd funding, Meriwether, News

In ‘Meriwether‘, you play as Captain Lewis, the man President Thomas Jefferson selected and specially trained to accomplish this mission. You’ll join forces with your long-time friend and former commanding officer, William Clark, and with him you’ll form the Corps of Discovery, a party of hand-picked soldiers, interpreters, and hunters to whom you’ll trust your life every day of the 28-month journey. Take command of… Read More »

By RootGamer, December 17, 2012 1 Crowd funding, Forsaken Fortress, News

‘Forsaken Fortress‘ is a special RPG in which you assemble your team, build and manage your base, collect resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The project got only a couple days remaining and still  $30.000 short of their goal. Unlike many other existing post-apocalyptic RPGs, Forsaken Fortress emphasizes simulation features such as base building, character personality/interaction, and resource collection. You will need to lead… Read More »

By RootGamer, December 5, 2012 0 News, War for the overworld, wip

War For The Overworld – fused the best components from the RTS and god game genres to create War for the Overworld; here you will find familiar elements from Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius. Your domain lies beneath the surface of this realm, and it is here that you will begin to build your sinful empire. The forces of good in this land… Read More »

By RootGamer, November 30, 2012 0 Crowd funding, News, Pier solar hd

Today  the  linux 16-bit RPG game ‘Pier Solar HD‘, achieved it’s original  goal and collected over $139.000.  At current moment of writing The Pier Solar HD project collected over $159.000, meaning the ‘Directors Cut’-edition is within reach. Pier Solar is a 16-bit RPG that tells the story of Hoston, a young botanist who is on a quest to save his father from a mysterious illness. Along with… Read More »

By RootGamer, November 29, 2012 0 Crowd funding, Maia, News

Inspired heavily by the 70’s Sci-fi aesthetic, Maia is a colony management simulator where you must keep your colonists safe, fed and happy. Liberally influenced by nineties god games (Dungeon Keeper), the game will have a dark sense of humour and more toys to play with. Funding crossed the  £140,00 milestone on the final day at kickstarter. However the project did not reach its goal to… Read More »

By RootGamer, November 28, 2012 0 Crowd funding, News, You Are Being Hunted

With a couple days left on the clock, kickstarter Sir, You Are Being Hunted-funding crossed the £80,000 mark and unlocks multiplayer support!!  However multiplayer will NOT ship with the initial release of the game. But will become available as a free add-on later, once BigRobot completes development on the main game. Single-player is the true purpose of the gameplay experience and multiplayer is like a tasty bonus 😉 The game world is a… Read More »

By RootGamer, November 27, 2012 1 Crowd funding, Dear Esther, News

Dear-Esther build on the source engine  and developed by The Chinese Room will find its way toward the linux platform. Robert Briscoe (Artist & Level Designer)  is involved with Dear Esther‘s development. Announced on twitter the beta tester selection round has ended. Thanks for all of the volunteers to test Dear Esther Linux, we have enough testers for now, but I will tweet again if we need more!    

By RootGamer, November 11, 2012 0 Crowd funding, News, Pier solar hd

Pier Solar was originally designed and developed for the SEGA Mega Drive & SEGA Genesis. Yes, you read that right!! It was actually the only newly developed game for SEGA’s 16-bit system in the new millennium. It’s not a port, fan translation, or a copy of any other game. Pier Solar is a 100% brand new, entirely original,16-bit RPG. Pier Solar is a 16-bit RPG… Read More »