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By Kereltis, March 1, 2015 0 Giveaway, News, Rootrivia, Star Traders: 4X Empires

Last month Trese Brothers – Brothers on a Mission – announced the Linux release of “Star Traders: 4X Empires” which is currently available on Steam. In ‘Star Traders: 4X Empires’ you take command of a rag-tag group of human refugees fleeing in the great Exodus, and must help them re-establish your galactic civilization, defend your fledgling colonies, and rediscover lost technologies.

By Kereltis, January 4, 2015 0 Game, News, The Mims

Worth waiting for? Hell yeah! I’ve been waiting for “The Mims Beginning” to release ever since trying the demo several months ago! About The Mims Beginning is a visually beautiful God like Indie title from Squatting Penguins . It is reminiscent of the classic “Populous the Beginning”. It’s a mixture of RTS, fantasy and adventure, set in a very unusual and graphically stunning world. The game was… Read More »

By RootGamer, September 12, 2014 3 Cannon Brawl, News, Steam

The in San Francisco based game studio, Turtle Sandbox, is about to release ‘ Cannon Brawl’ to the public. The game play is pretty addictive (to me) and has proven to be great fun playing against friends. ‘Cannon Brawl’ is an advanced artillery game with RTS elements, which reminds me of open-source games like ‘Wormux’ and ‘Scorched 3D’, but with more dynamics.

By Kereltis, May 20, 2014 0 Game, News, Wargame Red Dragon

It’s 1991 and the Communist Bloc are on the move, are you ready? “Wargame: Red Dragon” now available on Steam! About The new reference in RTS at its best! The Wargame series returns to duty, larger, richer and more spectacular than ever before. In Wargame Red Dragon, you are engaged in a large-scale conflict where Western forces clash against the Communist bloc. 1991: the two… Read More »

By Kereltis, April 8, 2014 0 Download, Evolution RTS, Game, News

The Open Source real time strategy title “Evolution RTS” has been released free (in more ways than one) on Steam! About This is what we love to see here at Rootgamer, an open source title making it through GreenLight and getting onto Steam. It is great to see and I hope they do very well with “Evolution RTS”. Evolution RTS is a free an Open… Read More »

By Kereltis, March 22, 2014 0 Breach & Clear, News

Put your team together, smash in the doors and catch to bad guys, “Breach & Clear” has been released on Steam! About Based in Kentucky, Gun Media is a publisher of interactive entertainment comprised of industry veterans with unique and complementary backgrounds. The mission of Gun is to build fresh and exciting interactive experiences for a wide range of platforms and gamers. The team shares… Read More »

By Ultimoore, February 22, 2014 1 Contest, Rootrivia

Hey there gamers of the Linux orientation. It is the time to give you the power to vote who will be the winner for February’s Rootrivia. The winner will win a free copy of which we are celebrating its coming to Linux. The Contenders Now this month we have a whopping (wait, how many contestants do we have? 2?! Shut the front door! You kidding… Read More »

By Kereltis, December 26, 2013 0 0 A.D., News

The international team behind Wildfire Games have been busy this holiday season and have now released Alpha 15 of 0 A.D.! About 0 A.D. has to be the most awaited open source game in the history of histories but today during this festive season we got a gift from Wildfire Games, alpha 15 of 0 A.D. and I can’t wait to start playing. 0 A.D…. Read More »

By RootGamer, October 26, 2013 1 Battle Worlds: Kronos, Kickstarter, News

The ‘Battle Worlds: Kronos’ project passed the initial Kickstarter goal, weeks before closing. Also mobile device support is unlocked due to community contributions. According to Linux game news is ‘Battle Worlds: Kronos’ to be released November 4th at Steam, GoG.com and other distribution platforms. The mobile version is expected later in 2014.

By RootGamer, October 26, 2013 0

Did you ever wonder what a classic turn-based strategy game like “Battle Isle” or “Panzer General” would look like today? What modern technology and graphics would add to such a game? Well, developer Kingart did. As a result, they decided to bring back this great genre and its unique gameplay experience -for ourselves, for you and for all other gamers out there interested in turn-based strategy.. amazing screenshots of “Battle Worlds: Kronos”

By Ultimoore, October 10, 2013 2 News, Nuclear Dawn, Steam

Well for those of us fans who have been waiting ever so patiently for an announcement about Nuclear Dawn on Linux wait no more. Interwave Studios has given a update on the Linux Development of Nuclear Dawn. Today on their steam group announcement page they post this message to their Linux fans. This message was posted by Team member Viper: Good news for all you… Read More »

By RootGamer, September 18, 2013 0 News, Timelines: Assault on America

The new RTS ‘Timelines: Assault on America‘  by Strategy First Inc. is available for pre-order till 24th of September. ‘Timelines: Assault on America‘ features Cross Platform multiplayer between PC, Mac and LINUX. And offers a wide range of fractions and different units.

By RootGamer, September 10, 2013 0 Download, News, Savage

Savage was originally released by S2Games in 2003. These guys have since made other games like ‘Heroes of Newerth‘. Make sure to check out their website! From 2005 to 2007 the game was improved by the SEP/SFE team, including notably the legendary “Uttar” and “WhiteDwarf”. Since 2008 the game has been continuously improved by the XR team. System Requirements Minimum 600 MHz 128 MB RAM… Read More »

By Ultimoore, September 9, 2013 0 Interview, Kickstarter, Tethical

I have been a fan of this project for quite sometime ( 2 years to be exact ). Scott Overman is a talented programmer working on this wonderful engine called “Tethical”. Now he begins a new chapter on bringing this great open source engine to life. If you love Final Fantasy Tactics and any other Startegy RPG’s you will want to check out what Scott… Read More »

By Kereltis, September 5, 2013 1 0 A.D., Crowd funding, News

0 A.D. is a free, open source, real time strategy game set in the ancient world and the developers are in need of your help.   About In the spirit of the classics 0 A.D. is similar in style to the Age of Empires series. As a player you’ll take control of one the many ancient civilizations and battle it out either against the computer… Read More »