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By Kereltis, December 5, 2013 1 News, Savant Ascent, Steam

Savant Ascent, the popular IOS and Android title was released today on Steam for Linux. A malicious orb has cast Savant out of his tower and transformed his surroundings into dangerous enemies! About Fight, shoot and beat your way through hordes of enemies and make your way back to the top of the tower. Unlock new CDs that not only give you new tracks to… Read More »

By RootGamer, December 4, 2013 0 News, Steam

The Linux Foundation announced Valve and others new members: “The newest Linux Foundation members are open source endeavors as well as established industry leaders. Companies from diverse markets, such as gaming, cloud computing and virtualization are seeing the value of Linux and collaborative development to put them out in front of competitors.“ Mike Woster, chief operating officer of The Linux Foundation Our membership continues to grow as… Read More »

By RootGamer, December 2, 2013 1 News, Steam

For the first, gaming platform Steam, had more than seven million users online simultaneously . A year ago, the popular platform broke the first boundary of 6 million users . Steam has a total user-database of 65 million accounts. The share of the total user population of 65 million Steam that is online, is hovering around 10 percent, but in the night of Sunday to… Read More »

By Kereltis, November 9, 2013 0 Game, Long Live The Queen, News

Rule the world or die trying! Long Live The Queen has been released for Steam on Linux and is available for purchase!   About Being a Princess is not an easy job. Being a Queen is even harder. Especially when you’re only fourteen years old, and the reason you’ve inherited the throne is that your royal mother has just met an untimely end. Now power is… Read More »

By Kereltis, November 7, 2013 0 Game, News, Steam, Type Rider

And now for something completely different…Type:Rider has been released on Steam for Linux!   About The European cultural TV channel Arte innovates and launches its first video game ! Immerse yourself in this fascinating and unique experience to uncover the history and secrets of Fonts & Characters ! Play as 2 dots and travel through the ages of typographic styles and techniques. From the rock… Read More »

By Kereltis, November 7, 2013 0 Anomaly Korea, News, Steam

And we have another great release, Anomaly Korea just launched on Steam for Linux!   About The creators of the Apple Design Award-winning “Anomaly Warzone Earth” return with “Anomaly Korea”, the next-generation Tower Offense game. Packed with fierce battles, an engaging story, a tactical map for battle planning your approach, new units, new player powers, and an even more frantic race to build up a… Read More »

By Kereltis, November 6, 2013 1 Battle Worlds: Kronos, News

Battle Worlds: Kronos has been released on Steam with Linux support!   About Battle World: Kronos is a classic turn-based strategy game in the tradition of Battle Isle,Advance Wars and Panzer General. Have you ever wondered what games like that would look like today? Well, we did. As a result, we decided to develope Battle Worlds: Kronos.     OPEN DEVELOPMENT We want to develop this game together… Read More »

SCREENSHOTS: Valve Steambox

By RootGamer, November 5, 2013 1 ,

Valve has sent a prototype of the SteamBox to different media outlets for testing. The Verge, Engadget and The Seattle Times have posted some revealing pictures of both the SteamBox and its innovative gamepad.

By Kereltis, November 1, 2013 1 Game, Half-Life 2, News, No More Room in Hell

“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”   About PC Gamer’s Mod of the Year 2011, ModDB’s Editor Choice Multiplayer Mod of the Year 2011, “No More Room in Hell”, a co-operative, realistic first person survival horror modification for the Source Engine, and one of the best if not the best, mod for Half Life 2 is free on Steam… Read More »

By Ultimoore, October 10, 2013 2 News, Nuclear Dawn, Steam

Well for those of us fans who have been waiting ever so patiently for an announcement about Nuclear Dawn on Linux wait no more. Interwave Studios has given a update on the Linux Development of Nuclear Dawn. Today on their steam group announcement page they post this message to their Linux fans. This message was posted by Team member Viper: Good news for all you… Read More »

By dunix, September 17, 2013 0

Gabe Newell, the co-founder and managing director of Valve, said “Linux is the future of gaming despite its current minuscule share of the market”. Newell made his comments while delivering a keynote at LinuxCon in New Orleans. “It feels a little bit funny coming here and telling you guys that Linux and open source are the future of gaming,” Newell said. “It’s sort of like going to Rome and teaching Catholicism to the pope.”

By RootGamer, August 31, 2013 0 Natural Selection 2, News, Steam

In February, NS2 was Gorgeous. Now, it is Reinforced. The culmination of nearly six months of development, Reinforced takes Natural Selection 2 to new heights, with stunning graphics and intense gameplay. The game is now available on steam store with a 75% discount. Natural Selection Gameplay Like its predecessor, Natural Selection 2 features two opposing teams of players, Kharaa (aliens) and Marines, seeking to destroy… Read More »

By RootGamer, July 9, 2013 0 News, Steam, Steam skin manager

Valve released a new update for the steam client, adding support for 64-bit Linux games, updated to SDL 2.0 rc, the multimedia library was also used to port the UnrealEngine to linux with Dungeon Defenders and some annoying bugs with Big Picture have been resolved with the update.

By RootGamer, July 5, 2013 0 Left 4 Dead 2, News

Celebrating Left 4 Dead 2’s official release on Linux and America’s Day of Independence, we’re putting L4D2 on sale for a stunning 75% off and it’s free to play all weekend!

By RootGamer, April 26, 2013 2 News, Steam

Valve has added subscriptions to Steam. The option is used in Darkfall Unholy Wars, a MMOG  to paid 15euro a month. The system will be used for more games, however Valve had not given other examples.