GOGonLinux is a project that tries to port most gog.com games to the Linux platform. It’s comprised of a set of tools apt to provide the easiest experience of gog.com games without requiring any extensive knowledge from the users. Simply launch the program and connect your gog.com account, you will then be able to download and run your videogames with ease. By using other tools like wine, dosbox and scumvm

Aim of the project

The project itself has two objectives. The first one is to bring lots of games to the Linux platform and the second one is to show game developers that the Linux operating system has potential. There are a lot of Linux user interested in videogames, indie developers already try to target our platform but unfortunately most triple-A companies still don’t see a bright future in Linux. It would be nice changing that prejudice. Through this project we are trying to sensitize a chunk of the gaming market toward our platform, starting from the gog.com distribution service.

State of the project

Currently we’re beta version, there aren’t many games supported yet and the software may still have bugs. Please download it and try it out on our github page or our Downloads section. We’re currently focusing on porting as many games as possible, trying to get an impressive library of supported games directly from gog.com.

Getting started

To start using the gogonlinux service, go to the Getting Started section, download the launcher and follow the instructions. Don’t forget to enjoy your games!