Steam Skin Manager


Steam Skin Manager‘ contains a tool for applying skins and removing the default skin used by steam. It also comes bundled with 2 skins by default – Ambiance (the dark variant) and Radiance (the bright variant), both the native Ubuntu looks.

Download skin manager
* debian package for: Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint
* depends on steam:i386 you can obtain here


After installation you will find the ‘Steam Skin Manager’ at your settings-manager, or launch [highlight color=”black”]steam-skin[/highlight] in a terminal


Make shure steam isn’t running before changing skin; [highlight color=”black”]killall MainThrd[/highlight]

Install a skin for steam
Steam with 'Radiance' skin
Steam ‘Radiance’ skin
Steam with 'Ambiance' skin
Steam ‘Ambiance’ skin